And who?

On our beautiful beach

A city girl who realized upon the birth of her daughter that life is entirely too short to spend on 1/12th of an acre, El now digs up her weeds (usually with a pick) on 5.

That’s the quick story.

The slow story is rather boring copy. Let’s just say I’m a DIY kind of gal. I’m an architect, but I would really rather be a farmer. I guess I take the DIY notion fairly seriously in that I moved our family out to a farm for the love of fresh vegetables:  getting organic ones at the store or through a CSA wasn’t good enough for me!  And lest you think I was  born to this kind of life, I will have you know that I am the first woman in six generations of my family who has plucked a chicken, plowed a field or shot a raccoon…in other words, if I can do it, anyone can.

Our household is a creative one; it’s an old farmhouse that’s full of books, smells of home cooking, sounds like a library, feels a little chilly (that is what sweaters and socks are for), and is in general a comfortable, bright place. I share the farm with my artist husband, our inquisitive eight-year-old daughter, a couple pampered housepets, a flock of coddled yard birds, and darling dairy goats.

We’re striving to live lightly on this earth. Our combined interests include permaculture, intensive food gardening, orcharding and viniculture, food preservation, poultry, home dairying, and simple, earnest food. Our methods are slow but our outlook is long.