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Seed catalogs

Might just have to have it: Yugoslavian Red lettuce from Cook’s Garden It’s so flattering. I feel positively courted at this time of year! Nope; I don’t have a line of suitors lining up at the back door…and if I … Continue reading

Seed catalogs

Collards in the morning Has anyone else noticed how early the seed catalogs are rolling into our mailboxes this year? I’d always considered these things to be a post-Christmas scourge, but I believe I got my first catalog around Halloween. … Continue reading

Seedy thoughts

Sugarloaf chickory Many of us are poring over gardening catalogs at this time of year.  It, admittedly, is a fun exercise, this paper gardening:  such potential!  Such success, if it’s all on paper!  And not to knock all those catalogs … Continue reading

On catalogs and cataloguing

Thinking about next gardening season: need more winners like this golden self-blanching celery I am not sure what it is (the downseason that is winter?  the after-Thanksgiving haze and post-feast fullness that is the refrigerator, reducing my need to cook … Continue reading

On seed choices: a pro-diversity rant

I’m a bit dissatisfied with what I find in this year’s seed catalogs. Maybe I am a seed snob. I think of all the flower/ornamental gardeners out there. Do they have an issue with seeds? I think it might be … Continue reading

More on seed-saving

Very dear to me The tone of my most recent post was rather flip. Granted, I do cast a jaundiced eye on most of the world, particularly the world of commerce (in this instance, seed catalogs), but on occasion I … Continue reading

On seeds and seed-saving

‘Mama, these flowers don’t smell’: the kid with the parsnip umbrels last spring: as you can see, I’ll have enough parsnip seed next year It’s happening earlier every year: this inrush of seed catalogs into our mailboxes. Is it a … Continue reading

Dear Johnny’s Selected Seeds,

Why oh why did your catalog show up only YESTERDAY? My 2007 seed order is long past ordered and delivered! And you know I LOVE your catalog! I do apologize if this is simply the second catalog you’ve sent, and … Continue reading

Seedy questions

This is an interesting thing. Obviously, I can and do post nearly daily…it’s just a good exercise for me; nothing more. But I do often wonder if I will run out of things to say–slash–get boring, or MORE boring, in … Continue reading

More on seeds

Bee balm (bergamot, monarda didyma) seed head Oh okay I was feeling pretty good about having made my seed order already. I knew more seed catalogs were coming, and today alone the mailbox had six (6!). I *love* Fedco, but … Continue reading

Seed ordering

One place will be getting all my seed moolah this year. The problem, of course, with ordering from only one place is that later catalogs come along and you get tempted. I mean, do I really NEED Egyptian (Walking) Onions? … Continue reading

On spring plans

  It’s a rushed late Tuesday afternoon of work deadlines, I am tired and not looking forward to making dinner, there’s a foot of lake-effect snow predicted to fall on the two feet already out there but I am (thankfully) … Continue reading

Long-stored food, part two

The end of the 2007 season Yesterday, I cleaned out the root cellar. Doesn’t that sound so very…retro? “Excuse me, but I need to step down to the root cellar.” To even HAVE a root cellar sounds so…foreign. But really. … Continue reading

Thoughts for Monday

For $1.98 per seed pack, these too can be yours! “Eat responsibly. [E]ating is an agricultural act….(consumers of food) must understand that eating takes place inescapably in the world, that it is inescapably an agricultural act, and that how we … Continue reading

Work ahead

Yesterday’s haul Despite my best efforts at being a determined ant, the end of the planting season approaches and I wonder what I was doing on all those grasshopper days. So much to do! Then I (re)remember that I go … Continue reading

It’s 11 July! Have you started your winter garden?

It’s always Dog Days around here We’re getting our first sweet corn here (boiled exactly 2 minutes, enfolded in butter and eaten) and tomatoes, and we’re deep into blueberries and cherries, yet my thoughts are turning to the winter harvest … Continue reading