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On school snack: salsa

Last night, two of my friends and I jostled for space in my small kitchen and made salsa for our children’s school’s snack program. In the foreground are six quart-sized bags of tomatillo salsa concentrate:  they need another quart of … Continue reading

On school gardens

That’s me pushing the wheelbarrow We’ve been busy lately, leaving me too busy to do much blogging!  The school’s garden is up and running.  This Thursday we had our first “Weed and Feed” event, which is simply a dinner picnic/gardening … Continue reading

On eating live foods

Bangbang:  making her spice mix for the table.  That knife looks closer than it is…her hand is about 4″ above it, have no fear I have never been particularly trendy, or guru-worshiping.   It goes without saying then that I’ve never … Continue reading

Food preservation season has begun

Daikon radish pickles: RECIPE NOW IN COMMENTS Yes, it is that time of year again:  big pots of boiling water on the stove, zero counterspace available due to all the green and fruity produce coming in the door. Interestingly, however, … Continue reading

On personal transformations

And sometimes growing a lot of food happens easily with an active compost pile (all the butternuts you see above are from the pile) If you had told me 25 years ago that making food for a lot of people … Continue reading

On being heat wimps

I have to remember that warm weather has an upside The mercury in the non-greenhouse thermometer reached 86 degrees F. yesterday.  You’d think it hit 106 the way we were carrying on around here. I will readily, easily admit I … Continue reading

Dark Days challenge, week one

To start off this challenge with a big bang, how about a local dinner for 50? Granted, this dinner was in the works long before I signed up for the Challenge.  As some of you may know, I am very … Continue reading

On being wrapped up

Some of the 150 pounds are dehydrated, some in salsa, some in jam, but most are still frozen for future snacks Passion is a curious thing.  Its pursuit, on occasion, excludes all other things, and this can be a problem. … Continue reading

On being food renegades

The U.S.D.A. in its infinite wisdom pays farmers to NOT produce food.  To keep the prices high, the consolidation of growers of (let’s give a relevant example) sour cherries all stick their fingers to the wind and decide how MUCH … Continue reading

On reruns

On track to beat the 3.25 pound monster I grew two years ago?  Perhaps! I am going to be completely boring and unimaginative and give you guys a reread of one of my favorite posts. I’m a bit tired today:  … Continue reading

On breakfast

Waffles in the toaster this morning Breakfast remains much more of a grab-and-go meal than any other in most households, ours included.  Unfortunately, this mostly means grab-and-go crappy food, or (horrors!) no food at all…all for a few more minutes … Continue reading

This really should just be a garden blog…

Not edible, but pretty …but I seem to have other food-related interests, though, especially during the non-food-growing winter months. Could it be I simply have more time on my hands? Anyway, I thought I would share some “food activist” things … Continue reading