On seasonal freak-outs

What’s hoppening?  Like everything else, even the heavily-pruned hops vines are frightening in their output at this time of year

It happens every year at about this time.  Despite my best efforts, the garden overwhelms me!  Once the corn begins to tassle, I simply need to put my blinders on and ignore the weeds.

Granted, I am able to keep the beds weed-free.  I just need to find the beds amongst the uninvited foliage.

Dinosaurs in our midst:  juvenile bronze turkeys doing their morning perambulation.  They, and five home-hatched chicks, remain the only baby fowl on the farm

This feeling of being overwhelmed somehow does not stop at the garden gate.  Other cyclical tasks, once eagerly anticipated, are forgotten.  This year it’s the meat chicken order.  (You would think that a woman who is tied to her computer all the work-long day would maybe give the emptying freezer some consideration, but no.)  Granted, this year has been ridiculously hot and dry, so every week I would mentally think “next week shall be cooler (thus I can place the order).”  But weeks continue to go by and I begin to feel like this:

Is it an empty nest if it is just chickens?

18 responses to “On seasonal freak-outs

  1. LOL Thanks for the morning hilarity, that cartoon is a hoot. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the only place in the country not burning up, the corn is just knee high. But the meat birds are HUGE. Good luck with your harvest!

  2. Two words: SQUASH OVERLOAD! My husband keeps advising me to give a few of the ‘zeppelins’ to the neighbors, but who in their right mind wants MORE SQUASH!

    Baked, breaded, fried, marinated, snuck into other recipes, disguised, displayed, fed to the unsuspecting.

    I’m seriously done with squash.

  3. Yes, I’m feeling overwhelmed too! I’ve been canning like crazy and the tomatoes and peppers keep on a-coming. Not that I’m complaining, but besides work, I’m canning and harvesting and canning some more! Then in a mad rush Saturday, I caught the last of the blackberry season in order to make two batches of blackberry jam before it was too late. Good last minute effort to find seven pounds of good berries, the heat has been tough on them. Back to work tomorrow…

  4. sustainableeats

    Oh El, too funny! Still trying to figure out if I want to keep my breeding bourbon reds through winter, or just order chicks next year. They have been terrible failures at hatching their own and I loaded up the incubator too late. Now they will be more like Valentine turkeys. Looks like you have had better luck than I! xo!

  5. Yes, yes it is. If you forget to have chickens it is absolutely an empty nest. There were clearly no chickens this year given my job situation (I was afraid of what might happen to them with only me at home taking care of them, or actually me never at home as my job sorted itself out) – and boy was it EVER a seriously empty nest in the back yard. Sniff.

  6. I’d love to see a picture of how your new greenhouse, with the tomatoes, is looking now. How did the new trellis system work out? I’m getting ready to attach wire to my purlins for next year.

  7. Where’d you go El? Drought blow you away? I miss reading your posts. Hope all is well with you and family,


  8. Just checking on you too! I made your blog my homepage so I’ve noticed you’ve been gone.

  9. Hi El,

    Miss your weekly updates. Hope everything is OK.

  10. Missing your posts also. Hoping everything is all right.

  11. It’s a long time without a post from El. I hope you are just taking some time off the blog to spend time with your family/yourself/the garden… Looking forward to reading new posts… when you are ready for them.
    Best wishes.

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  13. Missing you El, hope that you return to blogging sometime soon!

  14. Missing you too El.

  15. I keep hoping to see something new from you, that you were just busy but it has been an awfully long time. I miss you as well but more than anything I just hope that things are well for you and yours. Thinking of you.

  16. oh, the snowflakes have started. God how I love them. I found your blog a year ago. Is it just too much to homeschool and blog and garden as much as you do? Currently, I homeschool 2 kids and garden and I am a photographer. However, I was just wondering….. How much is too much.
    and merry festivus !

  17. Miss your posts, but I sure understand if life got too busy! Hope all is well with you and your family.

  18. Hi El- Glad to hear you are doing well. Sounds like you have your hands full with lots of great projects! Always a pleasure to get a glimpse into your world.
    Best, Molly (from Dogfight Cove)

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