On spring progress

Old” greenhouse (built 2007)

I have to laugh though because I felt so proud after a morning’s work in the old greenhouse above.  We cleaned out 2 of 9 beds!  12 bags of salad from 2 beds!  But certainly you can’t tell–at all–in this picture.

I always wonder what I am thinking when I take on a new task.  Is all my sparse free time going to simply reappear when I do something eventually worthwhile like build a third greenhouse on the property?  Is that laundry ever going to get done?

Greenhouse #3–or its beginnings, anyway–is located outside the garden proper.   Sod’s a-busted, base frame set (and dug, which is not terribly obvious by the photo) but not assembled; this one will be 16’x32′.  Those are 2x8x16′ untreated #1 pine boards.  My poor brother gets to pick rocks.  The chickens are pleased with the earth-turning, and I have no idea what Penny is doing:  supervising?  And Ruby the hen turkey is sitting on 14 eggs within the doghouse under the chicken tractor at right.

Actually, I truly enjoy these bouts of frenetic activity.  The winter was mild enough to keep me in fine digging form so I do feel like the other two greenhouses and all the outdoor beds are on schedule, maintenance- and plant-wise.  (The freak-warm weather enabled me to do infrastructure repairs and a bit of ground work much earlier than normal thus I avoided the usual early-spring work overload.)  So technically I can build a new greenhouse and not worry about the rest, right?

Part of this new greenhouse is located atop an old roadway, so my brother’s picking its old stones, lucky guy.  Tom’s on the year’s first Grand Mow beyond, and the chickens help dig.

But then I realize we’re where we should’ve been last week.  Eeps!

6 responses to “On spring progress

  1. Of course you will have time to get everything done. It always gets done in the long run. Washing clothes with a washer isn’t very time-intensive since you can walk away. If you hang, well, that takes some hands-on time. And putting clean clothes away is a task only crazy people do. Wear ’em right out of the basket.
    Glad you feel up to digging. Maybe a sifter for rocks? Your brother could shovel the dirt through it and someone (the dog? The turkey?) could shake it, rocks tossed aside or made into art, as desired. . .

  2. Only one week behind schedule? then you’re doing great! Seriously though, I am always in awe of how much you get done.

  3. The best sifter I have for seperating rocks from soil is the plastic holder from buying a whole flat of plants.I just shake it back and forth.

  4. My perpaetual expansion is what drives mrs cohutt crazy at times; I can step over three 90%+ finished projects to start another. No chickens or brothers to help either, although I do have a neighbor who can supervise as well as Penny I think.

  5. Yeah…we were supposed to have an easy year, but then we lost our minds. I have to say–for once–this project was NOT my idea (but I’m having a good time). Also the non-assistance from chickens and dogs is all too familiar

    Had to laugh, I cleaned out one whole quarter of my tiny little hoop last weekend and it felt so devestating, and now everything else is giant and there’s already too much to eat again. And, new sprouts already up in the “empty” spots!

  6. A sifter would be a great idea, Stefani. Hmm. Wondering what I can use. It’s honestly only where the roadway used to be, so it’s only about 1/3rd of the space, and they’re smooth river rocks so it’s not like we’re digging up glass and nails. And goodness my only problem with the laundry is the baskets of clean, folded stuff never manage to migrate up two stories to the awaiting bedrooms. Many’s the morning I am down there madly trying to find a pair of socks, let me tell you.

    Oh Maria. Exhibit A is the laundry, but there are other items that are badly ignored. But thank you! I do like to stay busy…and on A schedule if not MY schedule.

    John, I will have to sift to find that sifter, but that’s a great idea. I know I got one with a flat of flowers way back when I actually cared about flowers!

    Cohutt, ugh, I am right there with you. Though it does irk ME, this habit I have. Problem is, my husband has a touch of it too (though admittedly he’s much more focused than I can be at times). Two of us in one household is not such a good idea, so you should thank Mrs Cohutt.

    Sara, indeed, hoop growing can kind of be Whack A Mole. This is in no way a bad thing! Hope your weekend digging went well…the retaining wall looks just great. And such a promenade to the oven!

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