On dogwood season

And it’s North Carolina’s state flower

If you squint, the forests around us trick you into thinking it’s fall and not spring.  The new leaves and buds and pollen anthers and blossoms are all quite colorful (and even if the color is green there are so many different gradients).  It’s the dogwoods that stand out now:  usually they’re understory trees and quite often they’re found at the edge of a stretch of trees.  I like seeing their pillows of white.

It’s spring, though, because my eyes are itchy.

A previous forage

My friends have found plenty of morels, but so far I have come up empty.  Wild asparagus is easily had, and we’re not tired of it yet.

It’s quite a nice time of year to go out for a walk, and even nicer to take a long bike ride (no bugs in the teeth).  Of course I need to make the time to do both, but…riding to go forage fits the bill.  As long as I remember to take my allergy medication first, that is.

(Next up:  Greenhouse #3!)

8 responses to “On dogwood season

  1. You are getting morels there a month early from when we used to get grocery bags full. Mother’s Day, it always was.
    And I love Michigan dogwood — but that doesn’t look like a pix of them. I’m thinking yellowish white BIG single petaled flowers with a brown center. I remember picking a branch of them when my Aunt was in Lee Memorial in Dowagiac, and they took up a whole corner of her room until she died. We have a Virginia dogwood here in Vermont, and I love watching their progressive blooming from hard little buds to the smallish flowers.
    If you have morels, we should have them, too.

    • Everything’s early. (And how astute of you: the image is one I copped from the web and those are NC blooms. Can’t find my camera, the least of my problems.) The Dogwood Festival will be at its usual time in Dowagiac but can you believe this, there’re now two Tulip Festivals in Holland (MI): one for the flowers and one for the schmaltzy wood shoe sales, as this season is screwy. And the Blossomtime Festival, in May, when the blossoms are long gone…

      I love the dogwoods. And the morels: they’re still coming out with the lilacs, so that at least hasn’t changed!

  2. How lovely. We didn’t have much rain, so the mushrooms were scarcer. I miss dogwood woods, but not enough to live in a buggy place again!

  3. And if you get a chance, Dear, and find your camera, I would LOVE a pix of the real thing.

  4. Love dogwoods, not too many here in MT though, we have red twig dogwoods around, but they won’t be blooming for a while, smell great though. Looking forward to post on greenhouse #3.

    Have you ever used a soil testing kit and found it accurate? Last year I got the soil in my potato bed tested and it was PH 8.0, which is to high and my potatoes did not do well so that’s probably why. Problem is, it takes 4 weeks to get soil test results here.

  5. Rhubarb already in the wild?

  6. Always wondered how Rhubarb came to mean a heated dispute but evidently the origins of the slang term are in baseball.i just know as a kid my grandparents had a lot of itgrowing and I used to love chewing on the stalks.

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