On something from (almost) nothing

It must be Monday because my muscles are sore

Ah, Spring!  Newness everywhere:  new buds, new shoots, new babies, new sprouts.  It must be time to crack the spine of…an old book?  Indeed.  Late winter and early spring find the bedside table crowded with well-thumbed gardening books.  This year is no exception, and I have dug up (pun intended) one of my favorites.  It’s called Life in the Soil by James B. Nardi.

Seeds plus light, water, soil equals a July tomato

Every page is a revelation.  I highly recommend it.

Seeds plus compost and a trellis equals a June pea or three

IN the food web of life, I of course find most fascinating the producers:  those organisms that produce their own nutrients from only air, water, minerals and energy…the everyday wonder that is a lettuce seed, say, spouting and heading up for my eventual enjoyment on just the soil, rain and sun that falls upon it?  Awe, inspiring.

3 responses to “On something from (almost) nothing

  1. Just what my husband was saying last night. Here we sit cozy watching Grey’s Anatomy, while that soaked pea lies in that compost out there struggling to birth and living out its life dream. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Hiya Sharon. Yeah I suppose the peas probably find their cold nests about as comfortable as you find your couch. Or I would hope..!

  3. Not only do plants grow but more and more scientists are beginning to wonder if they “think.” Not in the way we do, of course, but they use ways to outsmart other plant competitors for light, rain, and survival. There’s lot of scientific america studies on it, but I have found this link to be educational AND amusing:

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