On winter

Because it has been such a slow slide into winter, I have been in denial that the frozen-ground, the-garden’s-truly-dead period comes along with the season.  But it’s arrived here, and our first snow (normally dumped then melted) has stayed and stayed.  Ugh.  The dark days.

Can you find Chicken Patty?  Some chickens are Rhodes scholars, some are just dumb.  Patty’s in the smart camp because she managed to negotiate the 7′ high fence around the garden…and is harvesting worms from underneath the sheet mulch.

It’s tough work chopping carrots out of the ground.

But it’s quite toasty in the old greenhouse.

Everything has been put to bed, under covers……and as you can see, things are still bright and fresh in here.  If you look closely you’ll see I have been successively taking the outside leaves of each plant for my customers’ and our own salads.

And as you can see, they’re quite tempting.  I think I will make it through winter just fine.

6 responses to “On winter

  1. Well now I see I’m in excellent company in procrastinating to the point where I’m hacking carrot-sicles (& frozen leek-pops) out of the icy soil. Thank you for the validation.

    It’s raining here today, yuck. Likely this thaw is coming your way.


  2. Your customers are truly fortunate! I’m starting to think about bartering my produce partly because you’re so inspiring.

  3. Looks great. My greens are doing well, though I wish I had more of a some things planted, but that’s how you learn.

    90 in the hoop, really? My thermometer is currently broken, so I can’t say for sure, but even on a sunny day last week (highs in the 20s and 30s) I doubt we hit 50 in ours. Hmm, gotta get that new thermometer I guess.

  4. Oh El I have total greenhouse envy. And lovin envy. And supportive family envy. And lettuce and kale envy. You are such an inspiration!

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  6. This was lovvely to read

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