On being busy

Sometimes life’s a bit too busy and running around with a camera is just one thing too many.  On occasion, though, it’s a good documentary tool for what happens, even in its minutia.  I’ve gotta try to remember that.

11 responses to “On being busy

  1. Beautiful photos. and bees! very exciting. Hope it’s all going well, and looking forward to hearing more when you have a spare 5 minutes (might be a while then!).

  2. LOVE the flowers on the bunnies!

  3. Yep. I find photos jog my memory when I am backtracking with my garden journal. Also a good reminder on how far we’ve gotten on various projects!

  4. Lovely! Just thought I’d mention, I re-read the Little House books recently, and they say ‘store boughten’ in them! I laughed out loud and thought of you the first time I saw it.

  5. What you do has really inspired me. I have a greenhouse now but am getting a hoop house soon, thanks to you! I have a couple of questions for you. 1- I am in zone 5b/6 mid ohio region. Would you go with double wall inflated if you were me? And why did you choose to just go single? 2-I want to do the roll up sides, I will have one side open in the direction the wind comes, should I get one for the other side too so it flows through really nice?
    Im also going to build a rocket stove, I just think its the coolest thing! I would love your oven too but that will have to be down the road. Thanks El!

    • HI Niki, glad to be of help…! I wouldn’t do double wall for the expense and the amount of light it blocks out; single is fine, especially if you get six-year UV treated poly with a wicking aid on the inside face (it helps condensation run off). And it’s my experience (especially at this time of year of transitioning crops in the greenhouses) that the more air you can get through there, the better. I do get by with only one roll-up side on both greenhouses. But realize that it rarely gets above 90 where I live (like, 2 days a summer) so if you have hotter summers than that you’ll need to bring the temperature down as much as you can during the summer days, with either shade cloth or as much air blowing through there as possible…open the ends, if you can. And the rocket stove! I need to fire it up again, it’s a lot of fun, especially if we’re just roasting potatoes or nuts or whatever.

      Congrats on your toys!

  6. Thank you so much for your reply! I think I will then just do the single layer, I dont want to block too much light, we hardly have much as it as later in the year. And for the sides, I think I will get both roll ups if I have enough extra cash, too much would be better than not enough in this case. Now i’m off to start putting down rocks in my garden paths, you can mark that one down in the sweat category too, its actually hot here today! Thanks again 🙂

  7. I’ve been terrible about shooting pictures lately. I think it’s generational; the kids today fully understand that if there’s no picture it didn’t happen.

  8. Easter bonnets for your bunnies…I love it.

  9. Maria, well, things are hopping and buzzing! Luckily we all like being busy, right?

    Jules, isn’t that cute? It was two batches of bunnies ago when the child discovered bunnies easily fit in her doll clothes. Poor bunnies.

    Fortunately for you, Sara, you’ve been taking lots of photos lately: good for you. And I like how you’ve documented your progress…in case you wonder why you did the crazy thing you did in 5 years or so.

    Ms Craft: indeed! I laughed when we read it a couple of years ago. The girl even said “store boughten” a few times, which of course was reinforced by our hearty laughter.

    Glad to help, Niki. I am so happy to hear about your progress: does it feel like you’ve gotten a lot accomplished??? Some days I feel kind of defeated by it all, but then I go outside and see all we’d gotten done over time. Which means there’s more to do, of course…

    Peter, hah. (Apropos of your post today, I’ll have you know we’ve been eating our cheddar for about 6 months now…truly delish, your boy will enjoy it on his sammies in his lunchbox. Our girl went to school today with a refried cranberry bean/cheese burrito.)

    Isn’t it hilarious, Pamela? You should have seen the edible creation she made for them through the mesh of their cage. Chia wall.

  10. Oh lady, let me tell you, there are days I go outside and think, boy is there a lot to be done around here. And I have to do just what you said, sit and think for a minute about how it was before I started and then its all good!

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