On sitting down

It’s also hard to take pictures if your goats make you laugh so much.  Here’s Cricket demonstrating her permanent milk mustache.  Does she look pregnant to you (due date 5/25)?

It’s hard to slow down sometimes.

With so much to accomplish, the very act of sitting down seems mutinous.  Yet I am sitting down in between tasks to type this, and to force myself to pause and reflect.

Pausing, indeed.  I am still reminded of time passing: the metronomic wet drips from both bags of cheese curds hanging above the sink are hard to ignore.  Surprising, really, how equally timed those drips are; the bags aren’t the same size.  And I’m listening to the crackling of the loaves of bread behind me.  Just out of the oven, their crunchy crusts are reducing to size.  The pot of stewing squash (the last of the pink banana) emits a burble here and there.  And through the open window, I hear the buzz and angry twitter of two hummingbirds fighting for the feeder.  Even when you put two feeders out (as we do) they still bicker.

It’s spring.  I am muscle-weary yet still anxious to move.  Better get up and get going!  Much to do yet.

Bell says get busy already, and is that camera edible?

12 responses to “On sitting down

  1. Is that electric netting i spot in the background? How’s that working out for you? Been using it awhile?

  2. Indeed. We’ve been using it for a year or so: I think it is quite handy, as we move the girls around about 2x a week. I need to get another 83′ of the stuff! It’s from Premier1, and I have a solar battery.

  3. You make me feel a little guilty. I’m supposed to be recording the weekend’s receipts in the budget so that I can get started on a big project. Guess I’d better go do that…

  4. Thank goodness I have plenty of work to do that involves sitting. Funny thing is, I’d rather be outside working while the temperature is nice. Unfortunately, the wind is gusting and that proves to be a bad time to try to prune bushes whose branches are covered with spines or dig a hole/shovel dirt! Sitting it is. 🙂

  5. I’m taking advantage of a rainy day over here to sit down awhile… And thank you for the top tip about the carrots! I have lots & lots growing away now already.

  6. I’m being forced by a studio deadline to sit all day these days, and I hate it. 180˚ from you, I try to steal a few minutes every day to plant something.

  7. Sitting, pausing, and reflecting are very good things to do. I, for one, like a certain amount of space around my tasks–I need it to re-orient myself, lest I dash off and bump into a wall. More than sitting, walking around without purpose, just looking, maybe thinking, maybe not, does that for me.


  8. Yay another Michigander!

  9. I think it’s a shame that in our busy world where we are taught that multi-tasking and constant connection to technology will help us do more and that if we’re not going, going, going we must be lazy. How pleasant you make your kitchen sound! The dripping, the bubbling, the sound of the tiny hummingbird – those are all the “roses” we’re supposed to stop and smell. Good for you that you know how to do so!! Pausing for a rest actually makes us more effective than multi-tasking.

  10. Lately, my reflection time keeps happening when I should be sleeping! Too many ideas buzzing around in there I guess. I also find my thoughts sometimes come together while I’m working, especially those monotonous tasks (mowing, DIGGING of course….) . I suspect its like the artist’s tasks of prepping clay or mixing paints, the process is part of getting ready for the important work later. At least I hope so!

  11. Hope that helps, Julie. We like its flexibility.

    Sorry to make you feel guilty, Paula! Goodness knows *I* get plenty of sitting done during the week; it’s the weekends that are madness, sheer madness.

    Hiya Chile. It’s so funny to think people avoid summer…! You know what I mean. Summer where you live can kill a girl. Hopefully you can get a lot accomplished while it’s still nice out.

    Den! That is great news, I am glad it helped. Sometimes they need a little help. Hope everything else is springing up well for you.

    Peter, well, I kind of know your studio work doesn’t require *that* much sitting. My drawings for work, though? Let’s say inertia is a hard thing to get over. I hope the project goes well, and lucky us, to be able to take small breaks to plant things.

    Hah, Brett, I am often dashing off and bashing a wall, or I bark my shin on something pointy. Ouch. But meandering without apparent purpose is how I do 95% of all my gardening; it’s entirely worthwhile to be without a plan. Except when I am time-crunched of course. Which apparently is all the time. I have to rethink my lack of a plan.

    Glad to meet you, Katy!

    Jill, hah, my sticky kitchen thanks you. I wish I had more time to stop! Life is so busy as it is, which of course is my own damned fault…I mean, does anyone really need a farm on top of a job? Quality of life around here means you don’t get to sit down often.

    Ah Sara that is why I adore mindless tasks like weeding. The world’s problems get solved, really, at least in my head when I am grubbing crabgrass. Problem is, it’s in the garden when all my delusions of grandeur happen…hey why NOT add another few beds here…!

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