On seasonal shifts

Nothing like a little April SNOW shower

Winter danced in and out before it settled in, and spring apparently feels the need to do the same.  That’s fine.  I find I am still behind, gardenwork-wise, so a late start to the season is to my advantage.

Not that I am wishing a late season on the rest of you, of course!

9 responses to “On seasonal shifts

  1. Yes in some ways it’s advantageous, as we still have a few things on hold that would be more frustrating if the weather was good. STILL, that’s not making me feel better about the weather šŸ™‚ I can take a few rogue days of winter (or summer) in April but weeks of cold weather is kind of getting to me!

  2. I got that snow storm too, but it was all melted by about 3pm yesterday afternoon.

  3. Here in central Wisconsin, we have heard winter will be leaving us and spring will make her grand entrance. With 6-9″ of snow (and up to 12″ farther north) that looks to be with us at least until the weekend and a forecasted tmperature of 20 degrees, it seems like any rumors of spring are just that, rumor and innuendo.

  4. Problem is I’m behind and the weather keeps further post-poning the work that needs to be done. It’s a vicious cycle. I’m not ready for spring yet, but in order to get ready for it I need it to arrive already!

    • Ugh thanks for reminding me Diana how much further things like fencing in the garden is going to go!!! Yeah my wimpy husband (manner of the gas-fired auger) says it’s too cold and wet. So I have the most hee-haw contraptions to keep the chickens from digging up my newly planted beds, it’s nuts.

  5. I just installed some fencing around our rain garden today to keep the chickens out of it. Of course for the past winter they have had a lively time scratching around in it. And we have several other beds that I’m going to have to get fenced off this spring. I love the chickens, but they are death on gardens. A chicken tractor, that’s what I need! But after being footloose and free-range for the past year, will they rebel against being enclosed in one?

  6. Our weather has been so bizarre. Tonight we had two separate storms with tornado potential traveling through our area. The weather guys were almost giddy.

  7. I should say thank heavens for the weather guys tonight. My tone sounded mocking, which I often do…not this time. There was plenty of thanksgiving going on around here, since I have no idea how I would get all my creatures to safety. Whew.

  8. Here in UK we had a sudden, early, vicious winter and we’re all set for the same this summer. Unusual for a country known for variations on wet and dull. We’ve had baking sun and drought for weeks now – to the extent that I’m digging early and late in the day and spending the hottest time quietly nurturing seedlings and cuttings. In April! we always look out for late frosts among the April showers. not this year. and watering every night just to get things to germnate. Unfortunately I’ve chosen this year to break new ground, having put half the old plot down to soft fruit. Ah well – it’ll all come right in the end.

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