On good art in the great Northwest

Seattleites! Washingtonians!  All you all up there!  If you’ve got some time on Thursday March 3rd, go attend my husband’s opening at the Gail Gibson Gallery from 6-8pm.  He’ll be there, glad-handing; I will be milking a goat and shoveling snow, alas, back home.

Here’s a link to the gallery, and you can see more of his work there.  It’s his newest gallery, and they’d love your support!

5 responses to “On good art in the great Northwest

  1. Yeah for the Husband!

  2. His work is very clever – I enjoyed looking at it.

  3. We’re going! Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. Oooh! It was very nice! There were many people there. I hope it was successful. My husband and sons really enjoyed his work. I’m not sure which person your husband was. It was pretty crowded, and we were too shy to ask….

  5. Thanks Jules!

    Glad you like it, Ellen. I think it’s pretty cool too.

    Sorry you didn’t meet him, Kristi, but I’m so happy you and your guys enjoyed it! Tom had a lot of fun and LOVES Seattle: he did a lot of running in the rain (his thing, not mine) and saw fish being thrown, visited the library, drank coffee, yadda yadda. Fun town you have!

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