On new greenhouses, part two

The right side rolls up, allowing more ventilation in the summer.  The ends are open and will get plastic once it gets cold.

Finally:  I got the plastic up on my mom’s greenhouse recently.

I am beginning to question my sanity in late winter.  Really.  It’s usually in March that I crazily, stupidly commit to all sorts of extracurricular projects, of which my mother’s new greenhouse was but one.  Granted of all of them this one taskoid took the least of my time but it hung the heaviest as my mother lives 50 miles away…so it’s not a quick trip to go fix things up for her.  Plus, it’s for my mother, and I said I would do it.

It didn’t help that the greenhouse company shipped us the wrong size of plastic.  Oops.  That was one wasted day.

Drapery, this time with the correct size

Anyway, here it is.  She’s a bit of a fool for tomatoes so we have them fairly crowded in there.  The soil is topsoil carted in from down the road that’s heavily mixed with mushroom compost.  (This is sand we’re building on, after all.)

Using those dipped gloves (clean AND new) really helps get a grip.  This is the hold-down system for the plastic.  It’s a small channel screwed to the two middle hoops into which I fasten this “wiggle wire.”  It helps to have two people do this:  one pulls the plastic, the other wrangling the wire.  But I did it solo, so…  And the two ends have a sandwich of two 1×2 furring strips.  These were left to soak in a tarp for a few days (the better to bend and hold their shape) then I tapped the bottom strips to accept the metal-tapping screws.  The plastic gets stapled to it, the top strips then screwed to the bottom one with wood screws.  Voila.  The top one can be unscrewed then to accept the side plastic this fall.

The deer are voracious and bold here too so I put chicken wire over the two open ends and the area below the roll-up side.  The ends and side will be open until the nights begin to go frosty.  We hope to take down one towering but rather anemic-looking oak in the side yard to give her a lot more sun.

Ta-daaa!  One more thing struck off the list.

16 responses to “On new greenhouses, part two

  1. Looks great, I love it!

  2. Lovely! Makes me want my own greenhouse 🙂

  3. Your mom is pretty lucky! It looks as though it’s going to be a terrific addition, and good for you for foiling the deer.

  4. Yay! Tomatoes this winter and firewood!

    Bet this won’t be the only one she wants….

    I envy you your greenhouse-building ability.

  5. What weight plastic did you use? What greenshouse company did you order it from? My husband and I are going to follow your design. Live in Montana and hope to have tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and peppers next year! Thank you.

  6. You’re a good girl to do that for your mama.
    If I would stop putting in new flower beds and ponds in my sunny areas I would have room for a greenhouse. I’m so going to enjoy watching the queen swim in her new pond though, so no second guessing for me.

  7. Hey El, I know I have asked ya questions about your greenhouses before, but here is another one. Is the frame also prefabricated, or do you build them yourself? I have ideas how I would do it, but just curious!

  8. I’m impressed that you make your own greenhouses too! Your mother will enjoy it and think of you when she starts harvesting all that veg, I’m sure.

  9. I received this unusual message in my email…wondering if it was legit. If not I wanted you to know about it, El.

    I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about my trip … I’m currently in Wales,
    on a short vacation as I write this … what happened today is
    unbelievable, and now I am stuck here. I got mugged at gun point on
    my way to the hotel and my money, credit cards, phone and other
    valuables were stolen. Thank God they did not take my passport. I
    urgently need your help. I JUST NEED $1,850 USD TO SORT OUT MY HOTEL
    you back once I get home. I do have cash in my account, but I can’t
    access it right now because I had to cancel all my credit cards that
    were stolen!! I’m sending this from a free internet connection at the
    public library. I will be forever grateful if you can help me. Please
    respond quickly, as my flight leaves in a few hours and I need to pay
    my hotel bill. Please save me from the embarrassment of not being able
    to cover the charges.


  10. I got one of those too. And it appears to have come from the gmail address I know to be yours. Frankly, it just doesn’t sound like you, El, and not because it’s asking for money. If it is you, please post here about it and I’ll be happy to do what I can.

  11. I got it, too, and when I emailed you, I got this response:
    OMG !!!

    It’s Really me, I really need your Urgent Help at the moment, Just let me know if you can do anything to help me,

    I await your response,

  12. Sorry all. My gmail account is kaput; can’t get into it to stop the madness!!

    If I were in Wales I would surely have blogged about it. Sorry, I don’t live such an exciting life! And what is REALLY WILD is I have no, as in NO, contacts in Gmail. It’s basically my fake, hackable email. So it’s stolen all the “replies” and “forwards” and all that…what a bummer.

  13. Very strange…it seems quite fishy to me!!

  14. Based on the response Debra got, that’s definitely not El. She knows how capitalization and punctuation work. Don’t send anything.

    Weird though that it does seem to be from her email address. What if the password’s been changed and she’s been locked out of her own gmail account? Scary.

  15. Yep, I got one too. I’m assuming it’s fake, because there’s no contact information – El was home and making a polytunnel a couple of days ago – you wouldn’t be sitting in a public library if your flight was due to leave in a couple of hours – your credit card company helpline would liase with your hotelier – and last but not least there are precious few hotels in Wales where you could run up a bill of that size in a short stay.

    Bogus. But do let us know you’re OK – change your gmail account, and get your PC dezombified!

  16. Nice job on the Greenhouse! You are a good daughter 🙂

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