On new cute fluffy things

First goats, then bunnies, then turkeys…now chicks!

Here’s the first chick conceived and hatched on our farm.  Congratulations go to the bantam for sitting so patiently.  This is a half Araucana, half black sex link (Barred Rock/Rhode Island Red) so…s/he’s quite a mutt, chicken-wise.  So tiny!

Small packages don’t get much cuter than this.  Cheepcheep!  Happy Friday….

7 responses to “On new cute fluffy things

  1. You must be brimming with wackadoo! Congratulations.

  2. mmm chicken nugget! 🙂 so cute!!

  3. That is a cute baby. Interesting that chickens don’t stay cute for very long.

  4. I’m just learning about chickens, so I’m wondering what a Barred Rock is if a Rhode Island Red is a dual purpose bird? I can’t wait until we find a new place so we can start on some animal husbandry! Cute chick!

  5. Good to see new chicken life. Our beautiful friendly Golden Comets -my First Ladies: Martha, Abagail, Elizabeth,Dolly, Luisa – were killed in minutes by a neighbor’s dog this week. I have primary responsibility for letting them free range on our 5 acres, but I do think I have an assist from the owners of the dogs. I am heartsick.

  6. awwww, shucks…cute, cute, cute!

  7. As of Tuesday, June 1st: chick count is 9! Three more hens are sitting so…I expect that total to rise to the mid-twenties by mid-June.

    CC, brimming? Like, full-on over my head! Dogpaddling madly. In actuality, though, having mamas do the work of being parents saves me incredible amounts of time. I just need to take care of the mamas.

    Mama Bean, isn’t this the cutest? Actually s/he was until three white Bantam chicks hatched the next day who are half the size. cheep!

    Oh but Paula I think all my chickens are cute-ish. The turkeys are more like “handsome,” though. The guineas, well, there’s beauty even in ugly.

    Hi Liz. It’s actually a Plymouth Rock and the Barred part means its coloring, it’s kind of like having mottled stripes. Both are dual-purpose, and both aren’t monster-ish birds, more like 8-9 pounds on the rooster and maybe 6-7 on the hens. They’re all lots of fun so I hope you can begin to experience them yourself soon in the not-too-distant future.

    Jen, how horrible. Indeed THE hardest thing about having any kind of being you love is their deaths, by whatever means. How sad. I hope you could confront the owner and demand payment; get the sheriff involved. In Michigan we can shoot any dog that threatens livestock.

    Randi, they have nothing on your ducklings.

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