On a quick, cheesy opportunity

Pizza with goat cheese, green garlic coins, herbs and asparagus

Today’s Friday, one of my work-at-the-office days, but we’ll still manage to eat dinner at the usual time.  How do I do this?  While making toast this morning, my daughter and I mixed up pizza dough to rise all day is how.  In other words, “forethought.”

I made two batches of pressed cheese this week. What the heck is that?  It’s like chevre with more rennet and all the liquid squeezed out.  Think “cheese curd squeak” with a mild, firm, unaged cheese, and you’re almost there.  The first batch was herb-laden (chives, garlic, marjoram, thyme) and the second plain (just salt).  Half of this latter batch went to school with my daughter for her to share with her class in the look-what-we-can-do category of school eats…it was mostly a hit.  It’s goat’s milk cheese, after all, and thus it’s different than the bovine variety; I don’t expect children raised on the commercial kind to leap quickly into the homemade camp.  But the bowl came home empty, so what do I know.

The other half melts well on the home-made pizza!  I shredded it on my daughter’s pizza and left it chunky on mine.  Asparagus, green garlic, some pepper…what could be better.  (Oh yeah:  outdoor masonry-oven pizza would be better.   (Soon.))

Feta’s next!

13 responses to “On a quick, cheesy opportunity

  1. That pizza looks scrumptious! I’m on my way to the Farmer’s Mkt to buy cheese, vegetables, and flowers this morning. You’ve just given another idea as to what to do with asparagus.

  2. Neat. I am looking into making my first batch of cheese using our raw cow’s milk. I am thinking queso fresco to start. Have you tried it?

  3. Yum! I was just thinking last night while making pizza that if pressed I could probably eat it every day for a week, with a variety of sauce and cheese and toppings. Maybe we need a pizza challenge!

    It is oddly the easiest meal we make too, even with everything from scratch. I love making dough the morning or evening beforehand, makes the final put-together super fast. I often freeze half of the dough and so even that step is only every other week.

  4. Please tell me what, exactly, green garlic is…? I am trying out garlic for the first time in my garden (planted last fall) – can I eat some of it now?

  5. You are such a show off. 🙂

  6. Hey, look what happened…I was just wishing I knew how to make an actual smiley face….ha.

  7. MMM!! Asparagus on pizza! We’re going to have to try that soon!

  8. Look at you, all reaping-what-you-sow. I’m all about the homemade pizza, but I don’t have any goats. Someday, though since we live right in town we’re not allowed. Meh. (Frustrated goat noise).

  9. Mmmmmm.

    My housemate and I have cheese on the brain.

  10. JoAnna, hope you found some asparagus with which to experiment! I am not a fan of steamed asparagus and much prefer caramelizing it…which happens of course in a hot oven atop a pizza. Yum.

    Shannon, I have tried Queso Fresco. This cheese is similar but it’s just been pressed! It’s a fun thing to try, mainly because it holds its shape when heated.

    Sara, I do believe you and I are Bread People, in that given a choice, we’ll always reach for the bready thing first. Pizza is easy if you make it easy. Me, I tend to chop a lot of things up so that does add to the level of complexity but not by much. And freezing dough. Great idea in theory for me but not in practice as I tend to forget about it then I find it and wonder, wow, what was this again? Indeed, there are so many ways to make pizza that it couldn’t really get boring.

    Karen, indeed, that’s green garlic you have growing out there. Technically any onion family plant whose base is too young to go papery and/or separate into cloves is “green.” It’s rather a delicate treat. Okay, maybe not “take a bite of it fresh out of the dirt” delicate but close. I use a LOT of it at this time of year. Give it a try if you have any to spare, but be warned: you want to save *some* of your garlic for full harvest…

    Pamela, the sneaky people at WordPress figured that out for us. And really, I am just getting used to the idea that I have something readily made, ready to eat, in the fridge. Mostly it’s just milk and condiments in there.

    Lisa, please do! It really is tasty that way.

    Peter, hah, actually our frustrated goats say Meyyyyayaayh. Maybe something is lost in the translation! Yeah, you would so be all over cheese-making; you should try to find some milk and make some. But be warned: we actually need to follow instructions (eeps, a recipe!) to make it. It’s actually very humbling as I really can’t wing it. Oh: making blue cheese tomorrow. Mmm.

    Stefani, gosh so do I now all of a sudden! It’s rather fun, doing all of this fun stuff.

  11. oh my, that looks so good!

  12. El that is one gorgeous looking pizza. Asparagus is just not as pretty on a whole wheat crust.

  13. Can you share the recipe for this pizza shown in this post. It looks delish!

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