On garden time

It’s 2:40 behind…

I’ve figured out the secret to getting more time in the garden!

It’s simple:  let your garden clock get blown down in a rainstorm and let its back fill with rain.

Way back when I felt that every minute spent away from our toddler was a huge motherhood sin, I installed a cheap kitchen clock on the garage wall within full view of the gardens.  And it’s been a wonderful clock.  Thriftily, it uses one double-A battery per year, and its time has been reliably accurate (to my dismay: when I needed more time it didn’t give it to me, of course).  I noticed it had wound down last week so I took it down (I can jump to reach it), replaced the battery, then I never bothered to find a ladder to reinstall it.  (I didn’t have time to, you see.)  So of course at the first puff of wind it fell off the sill where I had placed it and then got drenched.

Now, it keeps completely wild time!  When I took this photo, it was noon.  Garden time, right?  Too bad nobody else lives by it.

5 responses to “On garden time

  1. It’s so contradictory, isn’t it? To keep a clock near the garden. Isn’t the sun enough?! 😉
    I fully admit that not only do I have a watch on 24/7, I also have my cell phone and typically the kitchen timer outside with me as well. You know, that way I can answer some board member email on my Blackberry, be called by one of my clients and be alerted when the bread is done baking.

    I love the simplicity of my garden and yet I want to walk a couple blocks down to the Huron River and throw my watch, timer, and Blackberry in for good!

    Wild time sounds good to me! 🙂

  2. i like that. i think that is how my life is going to be for awhile now.

  3. I have the neighborhood church bells to mark my time; it makes for a pretty peaceful reminder.

  4. Ha! I’m itching to work in my garden, but first we need to till it and to do that, we have to figure out how to get a tiller home!

  5. Wow, Ms Amanda: I would have issues with timekeeping too then! Of course I am the last person in the industrial world who does NOT have a cellphone, but…you’re probably not alone in taking the kitchen timer with you 🙂 But you do know how easily one can lose track of time while puttering in the garden…

    Molly, oh my goodness: indeed, wild time…make it as wild as you want to. Big hugs.

    Pamela, huh, that would be quite lovely to hear. We have a siren (not so nice) that sounds off at noon and 6 p.m….and then there’s the tornado-alarm test every first Sat. at 1:00 (tell me that takes some getting used to) but yeah I would trade for a church bell any day.

    Dana, hi! Yeah, one step in front of the other… I have had luck hiring the guys at the feed store. THEY all have big trucks and are more than willing to make a couple extra bucks.

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