On growing goats

Number 3, 1, and 2, or, Chip, Skip and Kip

Our goat kids are two months old today!  And they’re growing like weeds.

Two up,  one down, and Mama looking for an exit

Do you know how hard it is to take photos of them?  It’s nearly impossible.  Please make do with these; they’re rather fast moving targets.

Wow: they’re standing still

They’re rambunctious for sure, and ready to go to their new home.  The family who is taking them will also take some of our turkey poults when they hatch (Ruby is sitting on 19 eggs at last count…hopefully I will have a few to spare), so the babies will be with us for another week or two.

And:  we met their replacement this weekend!  Yes, we’re actually trading three boys for a girl, such is the value of dairy doelings in the world.  I am sorry I didn’t take photos, she’s adorable, having just been born on the 21st.  You’ll see plenty of pictures of her soon enough, though.

5 responses to “On growing goats

  1. Wow, so cute. Trading them for a girl? Bye, kids!
    (Goat milk, goat milk!)

  2. That sounds like an accurate formula-
    3 males equal 1 female.

  3. Except my boys, of course.

  4. We visited a friend’s farm to see the baby goats – they are fast moving for sure! And nibble on everything, so so cute. My six month old didn’t know what to make of them, by next spring I think they’ll capture his attention a little more.

  5. CC, indeed. These little guys are adorable, but so useless!! Unless I was into cabrito or something.

    Pamela, love the exception to the rule there! Glad you snuck it in 🙂

    Indeed Mama Bean they’re cuuuute. Your little one will be trying to ride them by this time next year, just think of that.

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