Bunnies for sale!

Hey:  have a yen for a funny little bunny?  Live nearby?  Willing to part with $15?  Then email me!

You know you want one

Pedigreed Mini-Rex bunnies for sale:  black and black otter in color, born 3/3/10, just weaned, six total.  Super soft and cuddly!  Both parents are small, under 4 pounds.  $15 each.

12 responses to “Bunnies for sale!

  1. What, they got in the hoophouse, ate your lettuce and now you want to foist them on to some other unsuspecting gardener? 🙂 Good luck with the sale!

  2. posts like this are exactly why i will not let my kids read over my shoulder. they are already lobbying for bunnies, but i have a firm anti-pet rule. (if we can’t eat it, or something it produces, we don’t keep it.) i might bend the rule for barn cats, but not bunnies.

    they are so cute, though!

  3. If I didn’t have 3 avid feline hunters of feathered, furry, 6+ legged non-feline/canine creatures, I’d get one or two… Their coloring is gorgeous!

  4. Thank heavens there are states between us, or I’d be at your door with cash. Bunnies are hard to resist.

  5. For once, I’m glad I don’t live near you! I’m not sure I could resist. They are beautiful.

  6. Any guarentees on their sex? Ha Ha

  7. Oh, me too, glad there is an entire country between us! Those are some cute bunnies.

  8. Ed, aren’t they? And soft!

    Ali, tell me about it!!! I doubt I will be able to even give these things away. The $15 I am charging is for my own pain and suffering!

    Serina, you were EXACTLY whom I had in mind 🙂 so if you do change your mind…

    JoAnna, hah! Actually the rabbits chase both the cat and dog when they’re out. These ain’t bunny wimps.

    Pamela, well, you know I would’ve resisted them, and still do. Too bad you can’t take ’em off our hands though.

    Thanks, Andrea. I haven’t had that much to do with it all but thanks anyway.

    Liz, I have been studying up! There is no guarantee of sex determination under 8 weeks. Problem is, they’re sexually mature at 7 weeks!!!!!!!!!

    Jules, well, if you’re coming by to visit soon you know where you can get your bunny fix.

  9. I’ve been wanting some bunnies, but are on the fence about the issue. We live in Clawson Michigan. First some questions: how far away are you? what gear do I need to keep healthy bunnies? what about the winter time?


  10. Doh! And I just made the mistake of letting my oldest read over my shoulder! She’s beeeeeegggggging me! And I’m about to give in just to make a road trip to meet you in person and see your farm! 🙂
    Where the heck are you anyway? West of me, I know. Maybe two hours? Can you email me off-list as well and let me know where you house these little bunnies and any other special things to know about keeping a bunny? Thanks!
    Your chevre looks yummy! Makes me crave a goat cheese omelette.

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