On charming harvests

Our daughter was hospitalized on Easter.  Long story short, she became dehydrated after a bout of stomach upset, so we spent some long anxious hours with her in the ER and then overnight in a room.   All it took, really, was 24 hours of IV fluids and some oxygen and she was back to normal.  And:  she was STARVING.

After actually reading BOTH fish AND macaroni and cheese on the hospital menu for lunch, she scarfed both down, completely, scarily, today.  We’re home now and the only person I am trying to keep out of the Easter candy is myself; even in extremis she’s not a sweets-eater.  She of course gets anything she wants for dinner tonight, and she called in another seafood order.  Okay, I thought; large carbon footprint on tonight’s dinner, but there has to be something to offset it.

Actually looks big from this angle

It’s been hot here for the past week.  I thought I might check one particular patch of the garden and indeed I was rewarded.  Asparagus is probably her favorite vegetable.  It was a tiny harvest (the first ones always are), but it was more than enough for the small person.

16 responses to “On charming harvests

  1. Hurray for happy endings. The thought of having a kid in the emergency room still sends chills through me. I’m glad she’s well, and that you are back home.
    I hope she enjoys her princess sized portion of asparagus.

  2. oh… going to the hospital – especially in an emergency can be so scary. Glad you are back home, everything seem OK and she’s got plenty of healthy fresh things to eat. Best wishes for a full and prompt recovery for the little person!

  3. Aww, poor girlie. Glad she’s feeling better, and that nature cooperated with providing treats for her recovery 🙂

  4. So glad she’s okay. We ate our very first handfuls of asparagus tonight. Ahhh…it had been a long, long time. I’m happy to hear it’s your daughter’s favorite vegetable as well:-).

  5. I’m glad she’s ok; sick children are always scary as a parent. You are the second Michigan blogger I’ve seen today that included pics of asparagus so I’m hopeful that it will be at the Market this weekend.

  6. 24 hours of IV is a lot of rehydration! Poor kid. But wow, channeling some Inuit appetite now. Inuits eat mac and cheese, right?
    Take care all of you.
    (I would not cast aspersions on that asparagus.)

  7. Hi El,

    Glad all is OK with the future veterinarian! 🙂

    And, your last dark days dinner. Oh my… I want to be you when I grow up.

  8. Oh dear! Hope the little one is back up to full speed quickly and you get your helper back! Can’t think of anything to speed recovery quite as well as the first asparagus of the season, though. Cheers!

  9. I just want to say that I’m glad to hear that the girl is over that scare. What a worry that must have been.

    I’ll start checking some spots for wild asparagus soon. We’re about a month ahead here. Have nice sorrel, and will get small ramps from the woods this weekend.

    Very best~ Brett

  10. Oh, Pamela, she enjoyed them alright. Though she did say she likes it better when she harvests her own!

    Thanks, Sylvie. She bounced right back, with a roaring appetite, so all is well.

    Indeed, Sara! We went back to winter so now all asparagus is gone. Oh well.

    Thanks, Thy Hand. I have a true story where I had to raise the latch to the garden higher when she was 2 because she would go in and browse the asparagus patch.

    Hope you saw your asparagus, Aastricker. Again, the first harvests are tiny, so…you might have to wait a couple more weeks.

    No kidding, CC! Granted they meted it out slowly but she gained two pounds in fluids alone! Poor puppy. And her appetite hasn’t flagged since so she must trying to be laying on some fat reserves. Good luck with that is all I can say, as she’s probably going to always be thin.

    Angie, hah! You might just. There’s fine clay near your Wisco place I am sure!

    Taylor, wasn’t it fortuitous! I still haven’t had any myself 😦

    Brett, yeah, I have a huge clump of sorrel I got from Catharine’s place and it has really gone bonkers this year. Too bad one can’t live on sorrel. Good luck finding the wild asparagus too. Morel season can’t be too far behind! It always coincided with when we’d put our boat in the water (Lk Calhoun) and the lilacs…

  11. Scary stuff, I’m glad to hear that she’s feeling better. A hearty appetite is a very good sign!

  12. Is that an indoor bed? My asparagus is nowhere to be seen! As you know, though, things take longer to grow in this heavy clay. I am waiting a little impatiently for fresh asparagus. My friend lives right next to an apple orchard on Kerlikowske Rd. that has old, wild asparagus. I am going to search there diligently tomorrow!

  13. Thanks, Cheryl! Her appetite hasn’t abated so she’s probably going to shoot up like a weed!

    Hi Michele! Nope, it’s outdoors. We had our first big harvest this weekend. I keep looking at my wild patches around the property and they’re all no-shows…I think these sprouted because they’re in the center bed of the garden and have nothing covering them…unlike the wild things which have to grow up through the surrounding grass and stuff. Hope you found a harvest, but, if not, keep a lookout! It should be warm this week so hopefully we’ll get more.

  14. Oh, I’m glad she’s home, and especially glad you had some of her favorite stuff to give her.

  15. Oh, El…I’m sorry. Good healing to her. Good gardening to you.

  16. She’s probably craving omega 3s, if it’s all fish all the time.

    Large carbon footprint for a quick recovery? Sometimes it’s worth the cost. Esp. if you don’t live it.

    Hoping she’s back on track by now!

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