On busy weekends

I am not one to take myself overly seriously.  I also gave up a life of stress an eternity ago, it seems, when I left my city job behind.  However, every once in a while I will have a bout of “get it done” farm-related insomnia!  Like, ohgosh wouldn’t it be great if I could take two days off of work to at least get caught up on my to-do list?

And then I have weekends like last weekend.  It was a weekend in which I get so many things crossed off that I realize…my list is probably not long enough!

But, two non-weekend days off does sound nice.

Hard to tell, but the grape vines are pruned:  I always seem to leave more on the ground than on the trellises.  Number One at the top; Number Two at the bottom.

The kids really don’t help much with the trimming pickup, but they think the tractor is cool.  Number Two in the driver’s seat, Number Three (bottle baby) riding sidecar.

Kids are great as dance partners with your own kid, though.  That’s little Number Three.

And there are bunnies to pet.  It’s amazing how quickly they are growing; they’re a month old.  And:  we have six of the things!

Here’s the girl holding a baby and Daddy Dum-Dum to show you how big the babies will eventually get; not big in other words, as they’re Mini-Rex rabbits…and terribly soft.

And Ruby is officially on lock-down under the Chicken Tractor, complete with doghouse and 9 eggs.  Earl is verklempt!

10 responses to “On busy weekends

  1. Love the “turkey tractor.” I’ve been re-reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.” I just finished the chapter about turkey sex. Humorous but sad that we’ve taken animals so far from the natural order of things.

  2. The kids look so chubby and fluffy!! They grow so fast 🙂

    What do you feed the bunnies? And are they primarily for food? Will you do anything with the incredibly soft Rex fur?

    • Oooh Mama they’re just pets! I rue the day I allowed them to come home…why couldn’t we have at least got fiber rabbits or something??? But really, they, and everyone else here, eats out of the garden a lot. Rabbits aren’t terribly picky, but what’s great is you can feed them things that would otherwise go in the compost, like bean and pea plants after you pull the peas off. You can even dry the same things and feed them to them like hay! They’re mighty cute, just kind of pointless, except maybe for their poop.

      • Are you going to keep the babies or find other families for them? I had a rabbit growing up – wish I’d have thought to use the pellets for composting. It’s nice to be able to feed them garden scraps – you didn’t strike me as someone who’d feed them many pellets 🙂

        They are super cute. I would pet them for hours and hours if I were your daughter.

  3. I once knew someone who had her rabbit hutch in the backyard OVER the compost bins, so that the useful poop ended up self-adding to the compost. I thought that was very clever.

  4. nice looking kids… human as well as caprine! The goaty ones look just like mine here. Beautiful post.

  5. Poor Earl. Would he disturb the setting?

  6. Aastricker, yeah, weird that: I got Bourbon Reds too without really making the connection that Kingsolver also raised them. I had been interested in the heritage breeds for the same reasons and selected them mainly because my husband’s ancestors hail from that particular corner of Kentucky…then I reread the book and thought, wow! Maybe that was a subconscious choice! But indeed, these two do know what they’re doing…at least, it worked last year.

    Mama Bean, do you live nearby? If so, $20 gets you a bunny at the end of April!! No; they’re all going to new homes. Shouldn’t be hard to find homes for them because they’re purebred.

    Alison, terribly smart friend. I had another person tell me he kept his hutch over his worm bin!! That also makes a ton of sense to me… What’s nice about rabbit pellets is they won’t burn your garden goodies so theoretically you can add them directly to the garden itself. I usually compost everything first, though.

    Aimee, you know those kind of weekends, right? When everything drops into place? Thanks. I think the kids are cute too!

    Stef, well, his partner in crime is visible just not available. I usually don’t lock them up with the chickens when the grass is growing. They just amble about, eating grass and worms, like interesting mobile garden statuary. Once she wants to sit, though, she’ll sit! He’ll be left behind either way.

  7. Ooh! Your human kid has loseded a toof!

    • What’s funny, CC? She hasn’t lost any, they’re just moving around! About 6 of them are loose though. I will laugh if she loses them all at once. I keep offering her carrots and apples and wondering why she won’t take them 🙂

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