On family converts

Little hills of dirt marked with headstones:  graves of life, not death

Nothing like a deadline to get one motivated, eh?  Actually, this spring has been nothing BUT deadlines for me, professionally, personally, and garden-wise; throw a new hobby in there (goat milking and husbandry) and guess what?  The blog suffers!  I am sure you’ll forgive me.

Here’s the deadline.  As of two days ago, I finally planted the heat-loving crops (tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, husk cherries, okra) under lights in the basement.  If these were all just for ME, then I could’ve continued my seed-slacker ways, but no.  Many of them are for other people.  I have the school gardens to grow for, and then there’s my mother to consider.

Mom was out this weekend, and when inspecting the greenhouses’ contents, she said to me:  “You’re going to think I am completely crazy.  Please consider what I have to say before you say anything.

I want my own greenhouse.

To which I of course said HOORAY!  So I ordered her up a 10’x12′ kit from the same outfit where I got both of mine.  I ordered a couple of other things for it over and above the kit, but…come Easter weekend, I should be pounding stakes in the ground in the back yard of her house in the dunes.  I will of course document it to show you how easy it is, even considering how she has no real soil to speak of (maybe 3″ deep).

This woman wants her homegrown tomatoes, tout suite!  Thus, my “rush” to planting.

9 responses to “On family converts

  1. Hooray!

    I was so looking forward to getting a greenhouse of my own, as per our conversations, but pending unemployment has put the kibash on that. Not knowing what my finances will be, or where I will land, makes planning for the future difficult. Some day, though….some day.

  2. It’s a good thing, isn’t it? Although I did read that your “husband” was one of your new hobbies. . . . too early, I suppose.

    Perfect tomatoes are pretty enticing.

  3. Is this a greenhouse, gardening, or both conversion? Good job either way. All of our conversions have been short lived, mostly they fail once the weeds start to grow.:)

  4. Please…well DOCUMENT for us non-architects : )

    I want a HH so badly.

    Maybe a youtube video : ) ?

  5. Way to go 🙂 I wish her great success so that she keeps going!

    I am having a great time with my mini hoops this spring, thanks to lots of your tips. I have some direct seeded and transplants of cold-tolerant greens, and last night they all came through a 20 degree night just fine.

    That hobby size hoop from GS is so tempting! I know we have the skills to build our own, probably on the cheap, but there’s something really attractive about getting all the parts at once, not having to improvise a design… and just following instructions. May be worth it for time and sanity 🙂 We’ll see, our plan is to build this fall, so I can mull it over a bit more.

  6. Oooh, I like weekendfarmer’s idea! I keep gawking at all the greenhouses around town and trying to figure them out more. I’m in research mode on this, so do tell!

  7. Ellen, what a bummer!! I have so been there so I know what you’re going through. It took MONTHS to can me and then the company went under, so, dang…in point of fact being amongst the first wave would’ve helped because knowing was a lot better than not knowing! Hopefully you’ll land safely AND have a greenhouse some day.

    Stef, my mother is crazy for my tomatoes. Now I have to rejigger my own plantings if I don’t have her household to feed too!

    Mike, there is that (weeds, labor). Luckily my mom is a seasoned gardener and is more than hep to the idea of what constitutes “good food.” Keep trying with your own relatives though!

    Ohgah WF if I did a YouTube video I would have to be IN it, yipes! Nah, I will simply take the photos and tell you about it. Considering how little time I have and how far away she is (50 miles) this will take some time to build.

    Sara, exactly about the attractiveness of one-stop shopping, it’s why I went that route for myself. You do have to buy the lumber and assemble the base, end walls, and doors by yourself, but…having everything else done and just assembling a kit of parts is rather freeing, I must say. And I am glad to learn my tips (or nagging) has helped! Grow on, grow on.

    Will do Mme Slif. It should take a bit of time, so you should get to see the process step by step. Keep for future reference!

  8. I have the green house but because of high cost of heat closed it up. Now want to put the plants right in ground as you do so I am extremely happy that you are publishing how to do it. Thankyou for taking time with your blog because I love it!

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