Dark days, Week 18

With a nip in the air but a Spring jig in my steps, I prepared a rib-sticking meal for St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday.  Slainte!

The greenhouse side of the meal:  clockwise from bottom, thyme, parsley, turnips, leek, carrot, and some gorgeous chives


  • Irish Beef Stew with Parsley/Chive Dumplings: Stew meat (Providence Farms), our Purple Top and Gilfeather turnips, Mokum carrots, russet potatoes, Bleu de Solaize leek, wine vinegar and herbs; dumplings of Ferris Organics wheat berries, Creswick Farms lard, our milk, our parsley/chives
  • Colcannon: our potatoes, Des Vertus savoy cabbage, lacinato kale, fresh onion greens, garlic and goose fat
  • Greenhouse salad (mache/spinach/Brune d’Hiver lettuce) with buttermilk/herb dressing, Mokum carrots and Golden Self-Blanching celery
  • Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout beer for me!

9 responses to “Dark days, Week 18

  1. Yum! We has spaghetti, as we had folks in from out of town that couldn’t handle corned beef. But…it’s on the menu for the weekend!

  2. i live off of bell’s kalamazoo stout. delicious. i’ll have a clone recipe up soon.

  3. sounds great! sorry I missed it!

  4. Somehow I missed celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (the ancestors are rolling). I’ll have to make St. Joseph’s Day extra special. Oh, the pressure.

  5. Excellent suggestion. Thanks. I have to build something first–it is St. Joseph’s day. I’d better make it easy; I’m almost out of time.

  6. I raked the leaves and winter mess off my front garden this week. The chives and pickable yet, but they are poking their little noses out of the soil! Yours are beautiful.

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