On spring busy-ness

Entirely too busy to post, so…thought I would show you the kids:  all four of them!

24 responses to “On spring busy-ness

  1. ashleyenfrance

    Too cute!

  2. Great photo!

  3. Wow, this is very inspiring. Your kids are beautiful! Happy business to you.

  4. that is a great picture!

  5. most. adorable. ever.

  6. Well thank heavens you are finally too busy to post 🙂

    I have a big blog inferiority complex, because of all that you (and the others I follow) do on a daily basis yet somehow still manage to post at the end of the day!

    Wonderful, wonderful picture.

  7. Wow, how absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing…..precious.

  8. Aren’t the kids (both kinds!) so much fun?! I completely understand the “to busy to post” thing…that’s where I’m at right now:)

    To answer your question about the blue eyes…it’s not too uncommon in goats! I’ve got a few with blue eyes and they’ll probably change a little as they get older!!


    p.s. Is T-Bell giving enough milk for all three bucklings?

    • Hi Jenna! Thanks for your answer about the blue eyes. I think you’re right, and they could change. She IS giving enough milk for them…but none for us! Actually, that’s not true: I was planning on not taking any of her milk for ourselves until we passed the 2 week mark. I still milk her out, morning and evening, and just save the milk for the one kid she somehow just doesn’t want to feed (though when it’s dark and she can’t tell who’s who, he does get his share). I hope her production picks up though: they’re growing SO fast!!! They got disbudded and castrated on Tuesday and they’re doing really well.

  9. Every time I see the kids (well, the goat ones) I think “They’re wearing Cosby sweaters!”

  10. I just love that kid’s face….all that enthusiasm and joy.

  11. I meant the kid with the fingernail polish; the others are cute as well, especially the one with the valentine marking.

    • She’s pretty fancy for a farmgirl, eh, Pamela? Definitely doesn’t take after her mother that way. And: the kid with the heart is our bottle baby; he’s super sweet.

  12. El, this is probably the cutest picture on the Internet.

  13. *melt*
    Hey, can you give the goats a mani-pedi too? Maybe a soft coral?

  14. Great photo! Also, your oldest kid’s glasses are awesome. I wish glasses had been cool when I was that age.

  15. It doesn’t look like any guys have weighed in here, so to prove that men aren’t immune to adorableness, I’ll just add my, “Oh, fer cute!” (in my best Minnee-SOH-ta accent…). Simply charming, thanks El.


  16. Oh my goodness… cute kids… all of them!

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  18. All: aren’t they DARLING? And hilarious, I cannot even attempt to convey how funny they are. Sadly, they won’t be with us forever.

    Karen: goodness it shouldn’t be a big deal to post (this is what I tell myself) but I have had both work deadlines, a milking routine, and the craziness that is spring planting to mess with my posts! I didn’t know that not posting could cause you agitta…sorry! I am human too I guess!

    Jenna, hah. The milking is still going well but I do wonder if she’ll run out for them…they’re eating hay now at least. And if I could get her away from the grains then maybe they could have some too.

    Emily, now that’s funny.

    CC, I think fuchsia is more their color.

    Lyssa, she gets to pick ’em out and hasn’t gone wrong yet.

    Brett, aw.

  19. All 4 kids are beautiful! As a city-dweller, I envy you, and think it’s wonderful that your daughter can enjoy such natural pleasures and celebrate life in many forms.

  20. What a great photo!

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