On spring cleaning

We had an internet- and television-free weekend this weekend, intentionally.  This was the first warm weekend so there was plenty of spring cleaning to tackle, including cleaning out the bunny hutch.

You remember the bunnies, right?  Two BOY bunnies?  So yeah, rabbits to me are either salad-poaching varmints or, well, dinner.  So it was with some shock that Tom pounded on the back door with a “geddout here you HAVE to see this,” cupping a squirming little black thing in his hand.  “I thought it was a mouse!”  Five squirmy bundles later, and here we are.  Six little kits.  (Unfortunately, Tom had completely pulled out their nest in his rush to clean.  He had wondered why the rabbits hadn’t been peeing in their nest box.)

I am glad our daughter was with her Grandma and thus missed me cursing a blue streak.

One breeder, one vet  (and three vet techs), one middleman seller, and one “Oh I know rabbits, and yeah, these are both boys” friend later, but…DumDum knew all along that Wrinkles was a she.

(Incidentally, these bunnies won’t be dinner.)

20 responses to “On spring cleaning

  1. Hah! Rabits are unpredictable breeders. I have a friend that forgot to separate the males from the females when she drove from Montana to Alaska (her new home). It was a huge bunny boom! Congratulations, though.

  2. Too cute! That happened to me a looong time ago in elementary school. Our science teacher asked us to take the classroom pets home over Easter break. My mother wouldn’t let me take the guinea pigs( she called them tamed rats!) but did allow for the 2 boy bunnies one of which had babies Easter morning!

    I was banned from volunteering to take care of ANY animal until High school when having a lab rat was a requirement for my biology class.

    What kind of rabbits are they?

    • Hi JoAnna, they’re Mini-Rex rabbits; their fur is unbelievably soft (and short). Too bad your mom didn’t know it takes like 27 days from mating to bunny; it didn’t happen on her watch!

  3. Gosh, I wonder how they’ll adjust to their new nest now? Will the mommy bunny still keep them?

  4. ha ha ha congrats!!! off you go to Craigslist I assume : )

    • Absolutely, WF. What’s a bummer? She can get rebred before the kits are weaned!! Alternate housing happening soon for Dad.

  5. Oh my gosh! That is a good one. I think Wrinkles would have been a popular bunny on Watership Down!

  6. Watership Down reference is awesome 🙂 What a cute surprise!

  7. ha ha! Cute! Good luck!

  8. Oh man.
    I’m so sorry. They are totally cute, though.

  9. why not for eating?

  10. Bonus bunnies- excellent. I have to admit, I was holding my breath until the last sentence.

  11. If you call them bunnies, then you can’t call them dinner.

    But if you call them rabbits, well then you can….

  12. Mme Slif, indeed: the little things waited THIS long to kindle? Crazy. That’s a pretty funny story about your friend though 🙂

    I like the timing on those baby bunnies, though, JoAnna!

    Jules, apparently so. Tom took the stuffing out of a pillow and made them a new nest. We haven’t gone in to see what’s going on though…just sit and wait for them to come out.

    WF, I guess I can no longer deny that spring is coming with all this new life around here.

    Liz, I can’t wait to read that book to my daughter. I have fond memories of Fiver and his friends.

    Mama Bean, it’s quite funny, isn’t it? I wish there were more kids’ stories about goats, though: they’re loads cuter.

    Aimee, indeed; however I think they look like rabbit pupae!

    Stef, hah. Laugh’s on me I guess considering how much I didn’t want the things to begin with!

    Serina, well, I will keep you in mind in about 7 weeks, okay?

    et, they’re tiny, that’s why. They’re mini bunnies so…it’s not worth all the work…that, and they’re pedigreed so I could get more $ from selling them than from eating them.

    Pamela, it was you I was thinking of with that last sentence 🙂

    Paula, tomato tomahto, eh? Tipping way over into the cute side of life here though.

  13. Very cute, and kinda “farm” experience for your daughter…whether you wanted it or not! 🙂

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  15. Keep an eye out for an additional litter from the mama rabbit. I’ve had rabbits give birth, wean their babies and then surprise…mama gave birth to a smaller litter a day or two after having the weaned bunnies taken from her (I removed the first litter of baby bunnies from the mama at exactly 30 days old). I guess they keep a few on backorder if something happens to the first litter. Btw, my spotted Mini-Rex rabbits are named after the characters in Watership Down (I did skip naming one of them General Woundwort).

  16. I’m new to your blog and I love it so far!!!

    I love the bunnies! That was a big surprise, huh? I’d like to see pics of the parents. We have a black Dutch bun with a white nose (blaze) named Chestnut. Fortunately, we just have the one so we won’t have any surprises here.

  17. I just saw the pic of when you got the first bun. Awww! So cute! He looks very similar to my bun, except for the fur quality. Good luck with the bunny sale to come!

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