Happy Birthday!

Our goat girl had three healthy babies today, Sat., 27 Feb., at 8:30 p.m.

And they’re all break-your-heart cute!

25 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Well done… Congrats! I hope mama goat gets an extra special treat at breakfast 🙂

  2. Today is also Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday. Do any of them have violet eyes? No?

    Well, they’re still beautiful anyway!

  3. Too cute. Congratulations!

  4. Wow, triplets. I didn’t know they did that in goat land.

  5. Congrats, and good luck!

  6. Woohoo Congrats! How much fun are those three going to be this spring? The girl was almost right! Have you figured out how many doelings? 🙂

  7. They are the cutest things! My kids are losing their minds looking at the pictures.

  8. Congratulations! They are all so adorable, you will certainly have your hands full with the three of them…wow, three, that’s pretty amazing.

  9. oh El, they are adorable! Enjoy this time. (I know you will)

  10. Keeping my fingers crossed that they’re NOT all boys!

  11. OMG, so cute! Congratulations on your triplets!

  12. And so it starts! You are slowly transforming your fruit farm into a farm… best wishes, Heidi!

  13. Too cute! I didn’t know goats could have three babies at once! I wonder if that is rare?… Congrats!

    • Hi Ashley,
      I just thought I’d mention that triplets are not rare in the caprine world:) For a deep bodied, hardy doe like T-Bell, I expected triplets…she can handle them easily!!

  14. Hehe – I’m smiling over here because I thought (a couple months ago when you got her) that she’d have trips:)

    So, bucks or does? Did you get to see the birth? Let’s have some details here and the story!!!

    We’re up to 5 doe kids out of 3 does…the doe to kid ratio isn’t that great, but we’re happy with the quality~

    Have a great day,

    p.s. Are you going the dam raise route our bottle fed?

  15. Three free goats! Awesome. Who did the birthin’?

  16. So cute!.What determines a goat’s coloration?I notice Mom is dark and the kids are white with black or do the coats change as they get older?

    • It’s usually the buck’s color that is dominant…those kids all look exactly like their sire:)

      ~ Hope you don’t mind my answering that? ~

  17. Mavis, thanks. She has been getting LOTS of special attention lately!

    Paula, hah. No violet eyes! Though one of my favorite goats ever was named Violet…

    Thanks, Toni! All congratulations go to T-bell.

    Ed, well, here you go with more cocktail-party factoids then: twins are common, singles second and triplets third. They can have as many as six (!!) but that’s pretty rare.

    Ali, thanks, we’ll need the luck…and sleep!

    Sara, gosh if she WAS right we’d be in a world of pain. Three is a lot! And: zero on the doeling count 😦

    Hi Mom, your kids would have loved to come visit then because they’re 8x as cute in person, with their waggly tails and their little baas

    Hi Mike. Three times the fun, certainly.

    Randi, can’t wait for spring here so these little buggers can go out and run around. In no time, they’ll be climbing the walls of the milk shed.

    Ah, Rurality, but they are all boys. It doesn’t detract from their cuteness but does from their utility. Ah well. Hate to dump on the Y-chromosome but there you go.

    Jen, aren’t they? You just want to hang out with them all day. Alas, I have a job to go to though.

    Thanks, Sylvie! Step by step, some steps take years. Whew!

    Hi Ashley. Nope, not so rare. Funny though watching it all happen. “I think there’s another one,” I say to my husband. “There can’t be.” I felt underneath her and indeed there was; #3 came a bit later than the rest.

    Hi Jenna! Goodness you could’ve warned me about your intuition 😉 Really, I knew she probably had 3 in there too by her size, especially toward the end. Everything went pretty textbook smooth, but the story doesn’t end there. They’re three bucklings, darn it all, so I will be looking for a doeling in a couple months once I unload these guys. #1 was tiny, #2 is HUGE, and #3 is also huge. I mean, TALL and skinny. They all look so much like dad, don’t they? Hope you have more luck in the doeling department, and congratulations too with all your little babies! What an exciting time. She’s accepted one baby and we’re bottle feeding the other two (she’s negative for CAE/CL). She likes little #1. BUT: she’s doing great cleaning them all. And milking has been going well too although I certainly need more practice 🙂

    CC, Mama goat did it all, we were there just to wipe off their faces and towel them dry. Fun!

    Esperanza, any room for a mini goat in your back 40?

    John, they’ll probably get a bit of brown on them under their chins, but coat heritability is kind of complicated. Two of these guys look exactly like their dad, but #3, who’s got a lot of white on him, is some kind of throwback. And thanks Jenna! I tend to take a day to answer everyone…glad you stepped in.

  18. Three! So exciting, El. Too bad about all the bucklings, though. Although, if it were me, I’d be thinking about filling my freezer. 🙂

  19. Jenna,An answer is always good.

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  21. Liz, yeah, I think the same thing but I have a feeling that would be a terribly tough sell for a 6 year old. AND: I would be the one doing it, and considering how Tom doesn’t help with the poultry butchery, well, I am just not up for it. One day, though.

    John, I agree. I’ve been kind of busy around here and appreciate the help!

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