On chicken saddles

I’ve wowed you with caprine couture, so how about hen habiliments?

Mary Ellen and The Colonel, our two full-sized roosters, have been fairly aggressive with a couple of our girls this winter.  They stand on their backs and pull the girls’ back feathers out in the heat of passion.  Poor biddies!  Time, then, for some costumes, straight from the bench of my dear mother-in-law’s whirring sewing machine.  And my dear husband whipped up this template for you to follow along at home.  Print it out on 8-1/2″x11″ paper.  Use elastic bands for the arm loops, heavy canvas for the body, and of course you can embroider “Keep Off” on the saddle itself!

Here’s a video

Poor Sister Wendy

As you can see from Helen’s and Caroline’s rears we need a few more.  Everyone else seems to be able to get out of the roosters’ way.


16 responses to “On chicken saddles

  1. Wait a minute- you have a rooster named Mary Ellen?

    • Yup. He came with a small batch of chicks from the feed store that were all girls, supposedly! Helen, Mary Ellen, and Sarah. Oops on Mary Ellen, though!

  2. I can’t wait to see them in action. Er, I mean modeled!

  3. Hmmm…we would have to make about 75 of those…I’d rather get rid of the rooster:)

  4. I’m thinking I’d like an abstinence garment for a casanova duck. Do you think he could design some chastity pants for Sandwich?

  5. LMAO! That is the funniest thing I have seen in a while! I had to call the whole family over to look at the photo…

  6. I finally got the video to play–too funny. Are the garments effective in keeping the roosters away from the girls?

    • Pamela, hah, she has mud marks on her back so I don’t think they’re chastity devices so much as aides to help those feathers to grow back. She hates it! but it’s not like she’ll have to wear it forever; just long enough to help her scratched-up back heal. And: that’s Napoleon Dynamite on the video…

  7. Question… Does the elastic for each wing go around the hen’s neck too ? Or just her wings?

    • Hi Ann: Tom’s mom made the first one with simple arm loops with 3/8″ wide elastic. I think it’s a little tight. The diagram Tom made shows a longer elastic criss-crossing over the hen’s neck. I don’t know which is more comfortable, but as it is Sister Wendy in no way can get out of the simple two-arm one. Hope that helps…it helps to experiment I think! I think 1/2″ wide elastic would be more comfy too.

      • Thanks! I have too many roosters at the moment and my hens are getting a little savaged in the back feathers too. I love this idea, I think they’ll be more comfy. I think the arm loop-no neck one may be more comfortable, I’ll try it out!
        Glad I found your blog.
        regards, from medford maine

  8. Oh dear god. Chicken fetish gear…these just ask to be made out of black pleather…

  9. I have made three different patterns and none of them fit like yours. They bunch up on the back creating a hill so to speak. How long is the cross over elastic?

  10. How long are the elastic pieces?

  11. Peggy Leuschen

    How long do I cut the straps?

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