Dark Days, week 4

For this week’s Dark Days dinner, the selected meal was a pantry-raided, complex-carbohydrate-rich affair.

We were itchy for something toothsome the night before, so the next day I baked some beans and bread.  Baked beans, bread and salad:  simple, hearty fare that was so welcome on this, the first harsh night of our winter season.

  • Beans: One cup of our cranberry beans, one Copra onion, two cloves of Big Stinky (an unknown but huge hardneck garlic), with dried sage and other garden herbs; two chunks of smoked pork belly (Hopeful Farms pork from Ligonier, IN; smoked at Miller’s Smoke House of Middlebury, IN: both these are Amish-run, so, no websites), and honey from Honey Hound Bee Farms, Eau Clare, MI.
  • Bread: Whole-wheat boule with 50/50 spelt/hard red spring wheat from Ferriss Organics;  butter made from cream from the school’s cow share
  • Salad: greenhouse goodies

7 responses to “Dark Days, week 4

  1. Sounds like the perfect meal to me 🙂

  2. Simple and tasty are key on the cold days. I’m always jealous of your vast variety of beans 🙂 And Big Stinky garlic I’ve never heard of… how did you come by it?

  3. Mavis, yeah, and kinda boring too but what can I say? I love beans.

    Stef, definitely that!

    MC, I have no real idea where I got that garlic that I call “Big Stinky,” I think maybe it’s a German hardneck that I picked up at a farmer’s market in NYC. It loves growing for me. It doesn’t keep long so that’s why I named it what I did…

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  5. el do you heat the greenhouse at all?….
    Looking at all those plants makes me want one really bad… I already garden from thaw to freeze…. hmmm 🙂

    • Shelly, no, no heat at all. Things DO get quite cold though in there, but mostly they all “take it.” The magic truly happens when there’s a bit of sunshine: by about 2 p.m. it will be toasty in there! Right now, though, with all this snow and gray skies, no, they’re not the most inviting of places…but it still beats being outdoors, if you’re a lettuce!

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