Happy Halloween

P1010756Nixie Knox says bawwwkbawwk!

We tried to tell her “But Nixie, everyone LOVES chicken!”

P1010746Nixie says I am so not amused.

Have a spooky holiday!  And parents:  Try to save some candy for the kids.

9 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. Feline facial expressions are so universal. She looks seriously unamused in the top picture, and fairly “Gawd…what I put up with!” in the second. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. That is hilarious! Thanks for brightening up a dreary rainy (again) Saturday.

  3. How long did she tolerate those indignities?

  4. Sorry, kitty… that is a really cool hat. Bawk!

  5. 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  6. She’s no fool.. she knows where your chickens vacation.

  7. Kate, hah. What’s funny is she is seriously the sweetest cat ever, so that she could even look slightly unhappy is a bit of a revelation to us.

    Ali, you too? We had 2.5″ of rain on Friday night. Like we needed another drop. Glad I made you laugh, though.

    Sylvie, the mere seconds it took to photograph it. SO not happy.

    CC, it would look great on a certain puppy I know, too. It would probably fit better as well: Nixie is not exactly a small creature.

    You too MC!

    Thanks Suzy!

    Pamela, hah, she does know. She is scared to death of the chickens, too.

  8. The look of resignation is priceless!

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