The Art Report

foley_allen_epilogue-12Epilogue, by Thomas Allen (c-print, 2009)

We’re off again on another art junket!  This time we’re bound for the old stomping grounds of Minneapolis.

We’d love to see you at Tom’s opening on Sat., October 24th, from 6-8 p.m. at Thomas Barry Fine Arts, 530 N. Third St., Minneapolis.

au revoir!

7 responses to “The Art Report

  1. Don’t know when I’ve seen such suggestive art. Or. Is he dead?


    Got all your green tomatoes made into mincemeat, or fried up and in your gullet?

    Have a great time. Most lovely of full lives — art and civilization, and then back to the Michigan farm. And drawing. drafting.

  2. When you come to the bay area, let us know!

  3. I love the rough edges. Is that new?

  4. Well, Sharon, you’ll find this interesting: he called this piece a self-portrait, and, even though he has dark hair, I don’t think he’s the dame! Yeah. He’s supposedly done with these books so this was the last show of them, as he’s on to other things. The tomatoes are still slowly ripening! I will tell you I brought a lot with me to give away, though. STILL haven’t done a fried green meal yet (what is wrong with me?).

    Stef, will do. It would be lovely to meet you.

    CC, hmm, they’ve always been there (kind of what just happens when you cut up old paperbacks) but what I think is happening with this piece is that there’s a dark background so they’re more easily seen.

  5. A funny note–we saw one of his shows years ago at the Kohler Art center in Sheboygan. DH (also an artist) and I liked it a lot. So when I clicked on one of your art links upon discovering this site I was like “oh yeah, THAT guy” and it was like some weird Venn diagram of life and interests that connected the two…

    Hope the show went well…

    • Ooo, Sara, did you see it on the artist’s reception day? We made that trip up there! What a really nice town. Kind of like our little lake town here (St. Joe) but lots bigger. We had fun on that trip, we even stayed at the American Club (we were feeling rather rich back then). How funny though. Art meets life and all that.

      • No, just a regular day I think. We try to hit the Kohler center fairly regularly, as they always have some unique exhibitions and (obviously) showcase some cool regional artists. We like sheboygan too, a great state park/beach on the lake and some awesome restaurants.

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