We’ve returned

P1010067Lights on September 11th, with me and the child atop an adjacent roof deck

It’s so fun to get away from the farm!  Quite hilariously, everyone we saw suggested completely non-urban things to see:  the High Line, Governors’ Island (free ferry), Central Park.  No, we insisted:  we need dirty sidewalks and jostling people and street vendors and no nature, thanks.  Other than the fact that it. rained. every. single. day, mostly all day, we had a good time.  Tom’s show was fun.  It runs until October 10th, so go see it!

(The above picture:  there’s a memorial held about 5 blocks south of the World Trade Center site atop a parking garage.  It’s pretty moving, as the columns really do look like the original buildings, albeit lots skinnier and taller.  Our friends invited us for dinner that evening; they live in Battery Park City facing this site.  And:  it stopped raining long enough for us to go up to the roof to see it.)

P1000951Girl with bag of booty on the TKTS stair

The one crummy thing about constant rain is that short people like a certain five-year-old I know will not be able to stay dry under a parent-held umbrella.  One trip to the Hello Kitty store in Times Square rectified this:  a nice bright yellow poncho kept her nice and dry.

7 responses to “We’ve returned

  1. That picture looks totally CGI. Seriously. If you’d told me it was a screenshot from a video game, I wouldn’t question it at all.

    Glad you had a good time and glad you’re back!

  2. Wow, that memorial is stunning.
    I hope the naturalist got to see her rats!

  3. Welcome back! I’m glad to hear that you all had a great time. I bet it is really exciting for your daughter, I hope she was able to veiw some urban wildlife.

  4. I love the idea that folks steered you away from “city” and that you were strong enough to resist.

    I bet the show was great fun and wish I could have seen it.

  5. It sounds like a good time for all…sorry about the rain though. What was your favorite place?

  6. Kate, girl, I had to look up CGI! You’re so cool! But yes, it was kind of surreal, quite frankly. It was fun. Now we’re home with lots of work to do.

    Cheryl, we looked SO hard for rats. Unfortunately, we weren’t in the subways in the off hours…it was so rainy we paid for cabs when we didn’t hoof it. She tried though! Kind of spooked me, seeing her lean over the edge…

    Mike, we did get to see a hawk, and she loves her pigeons. So yeah, it was fun for all. She does love cities, as does her mama.

    Stef, doesn’t that crack you up? I mean yes maybe the urbanites are screaming for some greenery but we certainly weren’t. It was Fashion Week and the 10th was Fashion Night Out so we got to see a lot of tomfoolery with skinny girls in high heels, and photo shoots at almost every corner (we were right near the meatpacking district).

    MC, the inside of any restaurant is my favorite place. We got to see the insides of quite a few: diners, bagel shops, ethnic food, a wine bar…you know, the usual. Our apartment had a stack of menus and it was so fun thinking I was one phone call away from getting a few eel rolls and some miso soup.

  7. Glad you had a good time and now all I can think of is the theme song from Green Acres.Central Park is beautiful as is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.My friends try and get me to NYCity each fall on my trip east but living in LA I’d rather spend my time in the wilds of Western NY and the Finger lakes.Country roads,lakeside cottages and farmstands are a lot nicer when one lives in a city.

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