The Art Report

UnreachableThomas Allen:  Unreachable, 2009

We’ll be stepping away from the gardens, pets and poultry for a few days.  Tom’s latest show, all new work, opens in New York on Thursday night.

He’s had a review in The Daily Beast!  Check it out.

“What, you’re going away during Tomato Season?” came the incredulous query from a friend.  YES!  Not that I can spiff up enough to get all the dirt out from under my nails, but indeed, it’s time for a trip to the city.  And our daughter, ever the budding naturalist, is itchy to see rats in the subway tunnels again.  “There are no rats in the country,” she said.  (Only because she hasn’t seen them, surely.)

So:  if you are in town, come to the opening, 6-8, at Foley Gallery in Chelsea!

8 responses to “The Art Report

  1. Have a great time!

  2. How long will his exhibit be open?

  3. I *love* his art work! Have a great time! (Did you see that Detroit News article earlier this year about the guy in Detroit who hunts and eats urban racoons? Make the best of your locale, right?!)

  4. I love his stuff!! Lucky you! have a great trip.

  5. Hi Grandmabecker! Can you imagine going away for 6 days at this time of year! Crazy. You wouldn’t believe how much preservation I have to do now.

    Pamela, until Oct. 10th so book a flight!

    Thanks Amanda. I like it too. You know, I didn’t see that article, but then again Mike Huckabee did mention in his campaign last year that he’d kill squirrels and cook them on his popcorn popper. I guess if someone’s hungry enough…but goodness, in college Ramen noodles were just fine.

    Thanks, Stef! It was a lot of fun.

  6. I am beyond bummed that I missed this. Other than not reading often enough I was on the beach in NC with three other wild women and while I wouldn’t have traded that for anything, THIS would have been very cool. I’ll start paying more attention!

    • Oh girl it sounds like YOU had something much more fantabulous to do! I am so glad you kidnapped got CG to go too, what a one-of-a-kind time. And yeah, I didn’t give folks much notice…sorry. Next time!

  7. I know its an understatement but Tom’s artwork is so cool.

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