On new pets v.2.0


_DSC5270 They…


When I came home from work Friday, our bunny had a new friend, another mini-Rex like himself, also a young bunny.  They’re getting along just fine.

12 responses to “On new pets v.2.0

  1. Very cute. You know what else was cute? The mink that killed all my baby chickens this year. Caught it and released it elsewhere. Cute, but a murderer. I wish I had bunnies instead.

  2. Those pictures make me wish not so much to *have* a bunny in a box as to BE a bunny in a box. Ahh.

  3. Oh my god, you do realize that my kids will be impossible to live with after this, right?

  4. I need a bunny. I need one right now.

  5. My wife wants to know when you will be getting a baby donkey? Have you ever seen the movie “Jurassic Park”, One of the lines in the movie was-

    Henry Wu: You are saying that a group of animals, entirely composed of females, will breed?

    Ian Malcolm: No, I am merely stating that uhh… life finds a way.”

    Hope your bunnies don’t stray.:)

  6. So cute!
    ummm but in keeping with Mike’s comment: when I was child, we had pet hamsters. Two males. They had babies….keep your fingers crossed that whomever identified those two as males did a good job! 🙂

  7. Sorry, El, we had the same two male story….degus everywhere.
    I love those bunny faces; they look like my favorite rabbit ever…Rebecca Eccaberry, who would chase the gardening child but would swing on the back porchswing with me.

  8. I actually raised bunnies as a child, and know how to sex them. I’m not offering, you understand, just saying that the lore is out there. . .

    They’re cute, but I’m not feeling any urges at all. I am, however, not showing this to the kids.

  9. They look like they stepped out of a Beatrix Potter book. Elegant, linear, and fabulous!

  10. Too cute! I’ve never had a Rex but I’ve petted them – they are the softest little things.

  11. Rob! How HORRIBLE! I hope it didn’t take you long to catch it. Wow, mink. I suppose we have them here but they’ve been under the radar. My coop is coon- and opossum-proof but goodness maybe a mink could get in there: they squish down pretty small. Ah. Mink probably like bunnies too though…

    CC, they are cute aren’t they? And just think of all the garden goodies they get to eat!

    Cheryl, hah! I will have you know that children are hard to live with AFTER you get them a bunny too.

    Flutter, they’re so soft, and like sitting on laps…

    Mike! Hah. I have read about that happening to sharks. I will say though that our original bunny likes to do a bit of dominance humping but yeah you’re right I hope that doesn’t take… And tell your wife I saw a miniature donkey recently. I had no idea there were such a thing! The size of a full-grown goat too, terribly adorable.

    Sparow that is a funny story. Goodness I hope they were right, just so my daughter isn’t shocked: she really does think I will eat bunny babies.

    Pamela, what a great name! As it is we’re so far keeping the names they came with, mainly because these names are funny. What is it with pedigrees, anyway, just a license to be ridiculous? They’re Dum Dum and Wrinkles, with a whole bunch of other words thrown in there too.

    Stef, wise choice (see Cheryl’s comment above). But thanks for the info: these two do, uh, look like boys from what I can tell.

    Kristie, I am digging your new digs! Tom had that idea too as he has a lot of old cookbooks, mainly featuring gray-colored meat.

    Rurality, they are. It’s criminal, they’re so…fuzzy but smooth. Pet one and your stress goes away.

  12. Those soft, wiggly little things are just adorable! I’ll bet the smile on your daughter got even wider, if that was at all possible.


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