On new pets

A week or so ago, the feed store yielded up another creature to add to the menagerie at this house.  Considering it was my birthday, I figured this bunny was for me.  I was mistaken.

bunny  036He’s a baby, too:  born at the end of March

Isn’t he cute?  He’s a mini-Rex rabbit, and oh so soft.

My daughter told a friend, “We didn’t get a girl one, because I don’t want my mama to eat her babies,” which I thought was hilarious, but slightly spot-on:  I do eat everyone else’s babies, apparently.  But this guy is lucky, he’s no eating rabbit.  And I am kind of laughing at the whole Pets or Meat thing, but then again, this is Michigan, where the economy (always) sucks, and I think Michael Moore is more spot-on than not.

P1000234Little Edie, our great huntress, oversees the new creature.  (Don’t worry:  the rabbit chases her, as well as the dog.)

And he’ll need a friend for warmth in the barn, so…we’ll be getting another (boy) rabbit soon.


15 responses to “On new pets

  1. I can’t decide which of the three photos I like the best. Oh yeah, the first, what a smile!

  2. The picture with Edie is priceless! Nice shot. I had a black dwarf rabbit back while I was in grad school, but all he did was chew. The legs of my bed, cords on appliances, corners of walls, buttons off of remote controls… I think he would have been for eating if I hadn’t found him another home. As it is, the large (wild) rabbit in our yard has recently been named Stew (if he doesn’t leave my gardens alone already!)

  3. Awwwww…..adorable. We have a black mini rex as well, aren’t they the softest things imaginable?!

  4. He’s so cute! I love the shot of Edie keeping an eye on him.
    A friend has asked us to adopt their Dutch Lop rabbit, but I’ve never had a rabbit before so I don’t know what I’d be getting into. I’m wondering if she could live with the chickens if they met her while they’re still young.
    Can’t wait to see his friend when he arrives!

  5. Do you have room for a 9-year-old? I think our daughter wants to come live with you….

  6. That smile is DELIGHTFUL! And the bunny nose is just great!

    Good luck with the bunny, they are great company.


  7. Oh how cute! I had a small siamese looking rabbit many years ago. Twinkie, after the song, Twinkie Twinkie little star. HAHAHA

    She moved out to her bunny condo when she insisted on peeing on the bed. She had it made, big condo, warm house, lots of old hard biscuits, cardboard and cheerios to chew on.

    I love the cat/bunny pic. She looks like she’s hunting.

  8. We volunteered with a rabbit rescue for a long time, so I would encourage you to look into that when you’re ready for a companion. Two boys will most likely fight. If you get a female from a rescue, she will be fixed (which will prevent you from eating her babies too), and they will be happier together.

    And they can live with chickens. I just saw some happily co-existing fowl and rabbits at a strawberry farm.

  9. OMG! I had to do a double take when I saw Little Edie eyeing that rabbit. It’s deja vu all over again in our backyard.

    I just picked up half a rabbit carcass neatly severed across the spine that our recently adopted (’cause I fed her all winter) little black outdoor cat — Shaft — left on the back porch. She had 6 kittens the last week of April and has been teaching them how to hunt to the tune of several birds, rabbits, moles, voles, a chipmunk & God knows what else. (This is what cats do, so folks at PETA, please don’t write me). And this is all in addition to being fed both kibble & canned food twice a day (as she’s still nursing).

    I’ve fallen in love with her & her kittens & hope we can keep at least a few. I have pics of them on my Facebook page, if you’re interested. I’m waiting for her to wean her kittens so we can take the whole bunch to the Humane Society & get them neutered/spayed.

  10. Randi, she is SO in bunny heaven. And now she’s coming into the garden for celery and lettuce raids…oh well!

    Andrea, yeah, I have heard that about bunnies. I had a friend in St. Paul who had a big one for a pet and what a cutie. He used a litterbox and was fairly fastidious, but did need to be watched! It was kind of funny seeing this gigantic rabbit hopping down their beautiful staircase. But yeah, I’m not too wild about their wild cousins either…fortunately they keep their distance from the gardens.

    Angie, of course after getting him, I immediately did a search on your site because I knew you had one too! And he was warm enough in your critter barn: that’s good news. I’m sure to be bugging you about Bunnies 101 soon enough.

    Cheryl, looks like Geomom has your answer for you! I would think they would get along fairly well in the henyard. As it is now, this guy’s kennel (temporary) is on the floor of the shed and Patty and her babies use the shed at night…they sniff at each other. He seems to like their companionship as they sleep right next to his cage. But yeah, you might want to do a bit more research about co-housing!

    Ed, sure we do. She’d need to do critter chores too, would she mind?? And we’ve got a pool and the beach, quite fun for 9 year olds.

    Thanks, Linda! He’s really fun so far. And I like anyone who likes my produce…

    Jules, if it were up to my daughter this guy would likewise share her bed. As it is, he’s an outdoor bunny, complete with litterbox! I like the name Twinkie though…

    Ugh, Geomom, I got your comment too late to put it into action. What we knew is we needed to get another young rabbit, pronto, to avoid the fighting…so that is what my husband did. Normally I avoid the puppy- and bunny-mills too but this was so not my doing. And it sounds like people aren’t quite always prepared to handle how rabbits just “are,” as in, they chew, they do need exercise, etc. It’s too bad really; I am glad to hear you lent your time to the rabbit rescue…and thanks for your information, about cohabiting with chickens as well!

    Laurene, yep, that’s what they do. Though I haven’t seen Edie bring home a rabbit, squirrels, gophers, voles and mice are fair game. (She’s not caught many birds though thankfully, just a sparrow or two and we have plenty to spare.) Don’t dally on the spaying of Shaft, though! That’s how we got our first (evil) black cat, Echo: my friend waited to get her barn litter spayed and in the interim mama cat went catting around! Have fun with them all. I love cats, but do have limits, like Echo. She’s truly evil.

  11. Of course these bunnies are so cute – and I love the look on your cat’s face. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog!

  12. I have to confess I am a real sucker for bunnies. I love ’em so seeing these delightful photos are a treat. I also have to admit to being a teeny bit envious of your life, I wish I was there too!

    • Hi Pat! Yeah those little fun buns are really quite adorable. They’re indoors with the goat at this time of year…because they’re Mini Rex bunnies they need a lot of protection against our harsh winters. They’re thriving and love their daily greenhouse treat of lettuce or celery. Thanks!

  13. what great pictures, i love your cat and your rabbit, did you get another bunny?

  14. if your bunnies are outside i found a great website with hutch coves on it http://www.the-rabbit-hutch-shop.com/rabbit-hutch-cover.html

    if you sign up for their pet club youll get 5% off as well

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