On Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, our turkey hen Ruby hatched:

IMG_1218One fuzzy baby goose


IMG_1222one adorable turkey poult.

My mother’s comment:  “Does this make you a grandmother?”

10 responses to “On Mother’s Day

  1. I’ve never known anyone who had grandpeeps.
    What a nice Mothers’ Day surprise. Good job Ruby.

  2. Happy belated Mother’s Day to you and Ruby :).


  3. does that make her a great-grandmother?

  4. Awww!!! Adorable!! And you even got a turkey out of the deal! Yay!! 🙂 How many days did it take? Was it right on the 28 day mark? Ours are still sitting, and we’re so excited! 🙂

    • Ang, here’s the thing. Her first batch of 7 eggs got eaten by a raccoon on Apr. 10th. She was out of her pen for half a day until I got her secured on Sat. afternoon. I put 7 eggs back under her: 2 guinea, 3 chicken, one lone turkey egg from the refrigerator, and 2 goose eggs…mainly because those were all the eggs I had on hand. The Christmas goose was in the pen with her for 4 days and laid 3 eggs. I never counted a 2nd turkey egg. SO: what is terribly surprising is either those two baby peeps came from refrigerated eggs (!!) or Ruby got knocked up by Earl in those 4 hours she was out and laid another egg. But the more surprising thing is where did the goose baby come from? THEY take 28-33 days! By my count, those eggs were less than 28 days old.

      So: short answer: 28 days maximum!

  5. WOW! This is really interesting and exciting!


  6. Yes, you are absolutely a grandmother now! Congratulations! I too, in fact, am a grandmother by proxy. My dog Toodie is a mother by proxy (she thinks the 31 peeps are her babies), and I of course am Toodie’s mom. Voila!

  7. Pamela, yep! They’re even more adorable than the feed-store babies because I don’t have to care for them!! Gosling is in with its “real” parents and everyone is fine.

    Thanks, Mike. I am quite jealous of your morels, incidentally. We had a very special day on Sunday with this little find.

    Sylvie, of course I asked her that, and she demurred.

    Angie! It is just a matter of time, kiddo. With the duck girl too.

    Thanks, Linda. We’re all really happy except for my daughter who is now no longer allowed to hold them. She’s a bit bummed out by that but the babies belong to their parents, not us.

    Ah, Blaithin, yes, I do see the familial link there! How funny.

  8. Terribly wonderfully cute. So hopeful. That thing with feathers. Goslings here in town — at the lake right in the middle of the city in the park. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles.

    Happy Mother’s Day. Belated, but still. The multi-tasking isn’t always the timeliest.

  9. Paige, cute! Glad you and Ziggy got to visit them. Yep, it’s cuteness squared around here in spring, and, well, not discounting the hard work of sitting for 24/7/35 that Ruby had done, it is somewhat miraculous, those little balls of puff. Happy belated Mom’s day back at you.

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