On ectotherms

dscn3464From the archives:  our daughter at 2

Yesterday was a downright chilly day with a high of 40*F., and rainy too.  Our lone resident frog in our pond still sang his lovely tune, albeit much more slowly.  I took our daughter outside to hear it and to see if she had noticed the difference.

“It’s cold out here, so the frog is slowing down.  It means he’s not putting so much energy into his calls,” I told her.  “He’s got to save his energy because he’s cold-blooded, baby.”

“No, Mama, he’s not cold-blooded.  He’s ectothermic.”

Dang, but you gotta love Montessori!  She’s five, and I had to go and look up the word to see if she was correct.  (She was.)

Happy Earth Day.

9 responses to “On ectotherms

  1. Now that is awesome!

  2. I vividly remember the day a friend’s son (whom we’d known from a baby) demonstrated to her the correct way to tie a boat knot. He took the rope from her and said, ‘no, this is how you do it’, and he was right. You just don’t think about your kids ever knowing more than you until the day it actually happens. The child becomes the teacher. It is awesome!

  3. Nice froggy. Montessori is a bit intimidating for us old-timers. Thanks for the new word.

  4. What a smart girl! We had a friend’s son (probably 5 or 6)explain to all of us one night at the dinner table everything about butterflies and chrysalis. He was VERY emphatic about the chrysalis.

  5. She is one smart girl!! Kids are much smarter than we give them credit for. My 3 year old granddaughter surprises me all the time with the things she comes up with and the things she knows!

  6. 🙂 A very good thing!

  7. Well, now you know.

  8. Christy, yeah! I had to, you know, pretend I knew too!

    Petunia, this one has been teaching us from the moment she arrived, so it has been fun! Yeah, we need to give them lots of credit, especially when they really glom on to something like knot-tying.

    WS, ah, it’s not so intimidating. We appreciate the hand’s-on, child-driven nature of its education method. I think about what I could’ve done had I had it instead of my catechism, but then again, I wouldn’t probably know my Latin then. I would certainly have been better at math!

    Jules, now that is cool. I hope he grew up to be equally enthusiastic about other things he learned. Gotta fuel that fire, you know, or it will go out!

    GB, now I hear grandkids are even more fun than your own! (Not that I am rushing to get any of my own of course, I am just saying.) Have lots of fun with her: make sure you show her that turkey hen on her nest!

    MC, I think so too!

    Pamela, and now you all do too! Had to share that.

  9. He’s smart as a whip, cute as a button, and still growing. This was only a year or so ago.

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