On baby brassicas

img_1014-1I don’t know how anything can grow in this blue light of the fluorescents, but it does

I confess I love the sprouting enthusiasm of the brassica family, don’t you?  It’s something I need to learn every year:  that the cole family with their cute little round brown seeds are ALL FABULOUS SPROUTERS, and I needn’t sow them as heavily as other families.  Indeed, I should really wise up and learn that one seed = one plant with them.

Oh well.  Live and learn, and relive what you learned before.  Relive and relearn?

Again, though, with the school garden as my excuse, I am able to use up all these pretty little things, and that makes me quite happy.  These are sowings of Aichi cabbage (napa-type), mibuna, pak choy, gai choi and chrysanthemum greens, most destined for the children.  They’ll get bigger, get transplanted to the greenhouse this weekend, then out to the gardens in 2 weeks.

5 responses to “On baby brassicas

  1. They shock me with their vigor too. Now, if only I could get my cabbages to continue to thrive….

  2. It’s good to have a spare garden.

  3. Giving them to the school garden is a good plan…. I’ve recently started to sprout to eat the sprouts (like bean sprouts) and these always go the fastest. I’ve never grown all the way to a producing plant though – does the growth rate keep up?

  4. Christy, I know what you mean. Now in the greenhouse and outside from April to late May we have slugs who munch the seedlings through the stalk. I wake up to a pile of wilted leaves. Luckily, of course, I have so many of the things that losing a few is not an issue!

    Pamela, it is. Now I am wondering of course if the garden at school is “big enough.” Uh oh.

    Yes, indeed, MC, eating the sprouts is a definite option! Well, their growth rate continues quickly but it’s not as rapid as when they first emerge.

  5. I have a few pepper plants that are not popping because the soil still dropped down below 40 for a few days in the area I have them ‘growing’. You have just giving me an idea – I might move these to an office table I have under my Florentine lamp. Does it have to be a special lamp?

    AMAZING….. I always learn something new from your site. THANK YOU!!!

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