You know it is spring when…

img_0940…it is really fun to go to the feed store!

Coincidentally, spring is when our daughter becomes amazingly hard of hearing, at least as far as anything I have to say to her.  “Now, don’t squeeze them honey.  Honey?”

We picked up three Ameraucana bantams at the store on Saturday.  Yep:  tiny birds who lay blue or green eggs.

9 responses to “You know it is spring when…

  1. Awesome! I’ve seen the little buggers at my local feed store too, and really wanted to get something special for my daughter –I was actually leaning towards a duckling– but I don’t think it would survive out here, and it wouldn’t be nice to get a pet you know is likely to be eaten by racoon/hawk/coyote. Our hens have a big fenced in area, but we can’t fence in the stream.

  2. Oh how adorable! Your daughter and the chicks 🙂 How I wish I could have hens. Some day…

  3. Oh!!! How cute! I love little chicks! They have the same affect on me 🙂

  4. Your little chick is getting so grown up.

  5. Argh! The cuteness factor there is just over the roof!

  6. Rob, well, ducklings ARE certainly adorable. They’re best if you get more than one. If you get call ducks you can keep them with your chickens (but beware: they’re messy). The ducklings we had last year were so friendly until they got to be about a month old and then they became really scared and skittish. But they tasted great a month later 😉

    Deborah, some day! I said that too…

    Thanks, Linda. Kids really do love to care for little things.

    Linsay G I agree: these bantams are half the size of normal chicks so their cuteness factor is magnified I think.

    Pamela, she is! (And she still doesn’t listen if she’s critter-focused; oh well, I was the same way.)

    Christy, yeah, over the top all right. It’s spring!

  7. We have regular sized Americaunas and I love the green eggs they produce. They don’t give us eggs nearly as often (and hardly at all during the winter) like my Rocks do, but the green eggs are SO worth it:)

    My FIL, though, cannot get over the color and will not eat my green eggs, LOL. And he grew up on a farm!!!


  8. Well yesterday I ordered 25 Buff Orpington chicks. It’s my first stab at raising chickens for meat and eggs. I’ll slaughter all but maybe 3 or 4 of them, saving the latter for home-grown egg production. A new adventure for me, but I’m excited.

    Unfortunately, Mrs. P wants nothing to do with it, she thinks I’m crazy. [Well, I’ve suspected that for quite some time now, though my doctor has never officially diagnosed me!]

    But I’ll do it anyway, for at least one year. I’ve read a bunch of books and looked at a lot of web sites, so I’ve got some idea of what I’m getting into. But there’s nothing like the experience, the best way to learn anything.

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