We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog…

img_0598…to bring you goose eggs!

15 responses to “We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog…

  1. I’ll have to go give the queen a peer pressure pep talk, as there are no eggs here yet.

  2. Congrats! That reminds me, time to check on the goose egg-laying coop…

  3. Very exciting! HM breakfast!

  4. I’m so jealous!
    We’ve had three geese, and two ducks since last Summer. Our total “harvest” has been…..drumroll…..2 geese eggs and 34 duck eggs pitched at the trees. 😦
    I know you want Nubians…..I have a couple girls….wanna trade?? LOL

  5. I’m gealous. My Geese are all boys!

  6. Congratulations!
    I’m thinking about getting some geese this spring. I hope I get some females.

  7. Oh Yippee! and Yum too.

  8. We can’t deny it any longer: Spring is coming now!

  9. What fun! Happy day.
    My dad offered me duck eggs many years ago, and I was too scared (of what?) to eat them. How stupid.

  10. Ignorance here: how do goose and duck eggs differ from chook eggs?

  11. hey …we just started getting goose egg too. i didnt know what it was when I saw it first….Do you eat them?

    Mrs. Weekendfarmer is baking bread with them and growing sunflowers in their shells.

    wow on the goats!!! I wish I had something pregnant on this “farm”. The ewe declines to be pregnant!

  12. Those are huge! How often do geese lay?

    I have loads of wild canadian geese out here all year since they stopped migrating. They are sketchy and glare at me all the time but they live all around my area. But I don’t see lots of babies except during baby season.

    Are they different than domesticated geese in terms of laying? Really curious.

    Oh, and no, I never ever approach any goose nest here. 🙂 Their babies are so adorable I wouldn’t want to jeopardize their future by peeking.

  13. Pamela, does your girl normally lay this early? I am thinking the wacky weather here has messed with our girl.

    D.A., thanks to you and your experience, I knew I had to dig to find them…which is why they’re filthy. Thanks!

    Can you imagine the size of the fried-egg sandwich you could have with that, Mrs Chiot? Luckily I make big bread.

    Goodness, Gizmo, I might take you up on that, if they’re in milk! Hah. What, are your geese holding out or are they really young? Our girl is about 9 months old.

    Tameson! Whoops, bad luck! I was so happy when one of our geese ended up being a goose after all. Maybe you can find a girl for them this year?

    Gintonio, yep, girls are the key to eggs 🙂 but it is a bit of a lucky draw when you get one. I hope you do!

    Thanks Jules! Now we are SWIMMING in these eggs. Our daughter doesn’t want me to use them: she’s hoping for goslings, but I told her there’s time yet for that.

    Linda, yeah, I thought it was pretty cool too 🙂

    Annetanne gosh I sure hope so. I’m watching the snow melt but knowing this winter I doubt this will be the last we see.

    Aww, CC. It’s good to know then that one can change one’s ways! But hey maybe daddy-o can find more for you.

    Umm, Zandt, they’re bigger? 😉 Actually I am sure someone’s run the cholesterol/nutritional analysis on them somewhere…I know that guinea eggs are the lowest in cholesterol for example, but, well, I am not sure the difference otherwise. I don’t know if my tongue is terribly sensitive but I do know a supertaster who’s said the guinea eggs are subtly different. They’re going into a creme brulee today so I guess I will find out!!

    I LOVE what Mrs WF is doing with the shells, that is so cool. They’re certainly big enough to harbor big seedlings! What’s with those crazy sheep though? Wow.

    Our girl is giving an egg every day or so…or at least I think she is, as this really was a bit of a discovery yesterday, Christy. I will find out when I gather them this a.m. if there’s a 5th one! I think goslings are absolutely adorable and I really never understood the bad rap that Canada geese got: they’re still amazingly beautiful birds, and I would still rather see their little brown logs than dog turds any day of the week.

  14. No, she usually starts much later. I told her if El’s can do it; she can do it…. get busy. She told me to go away.

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