On bird brains

img_9664Luckily she doesn’t need to get by on her smarts

“She’s not going to be a Rhodes scholar,” I told Tom this morning when I came in from doing my chores.

“Oh no.  What did she do?”

Nope; I wasn’t talking about our daughter.  I found the hen turkey (our farmyard favorite) attacking her image in the dressing mirror that Tom broke this weekend.  It took me a bit of effort to pull her away from the mirror, to put the mirror in the garbage can (where it should’ve been to begin with but let’s not mention that, shall we) and to console her that she’d done a great job.

Poor girl.  And I was singing her praises recently about how smart she was, too….

19 responses to “On bird brains

  1. Now, now, she was simply pointing out that the broken mirror needed to be in the garbage. She sounds like a remarkably helpful genius to me. I think she should live there forever in case you need further assistance.

  2. Oh but she can always get by on her looks, she’s so pretty!

  3. I agree with Pamela. She’s very smart to draw attention to the broken mirror. What a great photo! I love the eye contact.

  4. We’ve been having trouble with our Jenny lately too. The weather’s been nice enough lately that we’ve been able to let the menangerie out everyday again. Except Jenny insists on going onto the road, in some sort of single minded madness. As if, she can only go in the one direction or something. Crazy! So, the turks have been jailed. We’re hoping once she starts sitting we can let Jake out daily on his own.

  5. This is just the most wonderful picture ever! EVER! What a great face she has and those eyes…

    I think I’m in love. 🙂

  6. Well, why do you think they call them turkeys?

  7. Ah, but surely she can be forgiven a few foibles, for she is such a lovely girl. I wonder if she would be willing to marry me… 🙂

  8. My uncle’s turkey (a pet) once pecked at her reflection in a five-gallon bucket of oil he had just drained from a Caterpillar tractor. She apparently went at it with all she had because her entire head went under. Cleaning her took some work.

  9. The first spring my brothers house in Lake Tahoe was finished I was there alone one week and kept hearing a thunk.I looked around and found a Robin attacking a long narrow dining room window.Me being a male I thought it was some crazy female Robin looking for a previous nesting site where the house was now.I was soon informed that it was indeed a male Robin seeing his reflection during mating season and attacking it again and again.He finally gave up or moved on after three days.

  10. Oh Pamela she’s a keeper. She is the sweetest creature. And sensible, too, like you mentioned. We’re going back and forth about names (all critters that get to stay with the exception of Chicken Patty) are named after long-dead relatives. We’ve been searching for the happiest or funniest couples in our ancestry, like a Fred and Ginger or an Edith and Archie.

    Marcie, I wish she’d wiped her mouth before the pic though!

    Deborah, she’s mighty cute, isn’t she? Unlike the chickens when she comes to see you she’s coming to see YOU, and not whatever treat you have.

    Angie, I just got back from the lumber yard because their nesting boxes need to be made NOW. I had to explain to our daughter what mating was this morning on the way to school because she saw the turkeys, uh, doing it.

    CC, I think Benjamin Franklin was right and these guys should’ve been the country’s symbol because, well, there’s so much similarity between puffed-up, strutting turkeys and many politicians I can name.

    Dennis, I swear if you came by she might just follow you home. Like Angie said about her girl, they’re rather determined!

    Don, I can completely see that. I caught the girl attacking the smoker today (obviously telling me it needs to be put away, huh?). What a mess!

    John, hormones are some powerful drugs. Poultry hormones are raging around here and they’re all going a bit crazy. They’re such reasonable creatures normally!

  11. Yes! It definitely seems time doesn’t it? Although I have to admit, we haven’t actually seen the deed being done yet.

    My kids learned about mating last year. They kept trying to get Mr Big Stuff offa the hens “Mama!! Mr Rooster’s being mean!!” Ethan even tried to whack him with a rhubarb stalk!! So, needly to say, the talk had to happen. Now, it doesn’t even phase them! 🙂

  12. Ha! Yeah, I, too, can see the resemblance between the ole’ turkey & certain politicians. They both have that totally “clueless” look on their faces.

  13. She is adorable! She looks like she just really needs to be snuggled. What cute fuzz! What sweet eyes!

    Okay..I must stop now!

    So, is it the horomones that is causing the attack of all reflective surfaces? Do they stop this for the rest of the year?

    I sure hope you’re going to post pics of her sitting her eggs!

  14. She sure is cute though

  15. You should see the peacocks…they love to mate with Civics, Jettas, Bettles of the world : )

  16. Christy, yes, it’s hormones! Poor birdies. I am new at this form of the bird world and our ganders and tom turkey are the first boys that’ve lived here and not gone into the freezer, so, well, it’s a new world. I have no idea if she’ll stop attacking shiny surfaces, but I hope she does. And I hope to make the nesting structure this weekend; stay tuned.

    Susan, isn’t she? I *love* this bird.

    OHmigosh WF! I caught her attacking my newly-washed Golf yesterday! Tom’s comment: That will teach you to wash your car. It’s funny but really disturbing at the same time.

  17. You know, El, if you could do much worse with a blog than just publish pictures of your turkeys. They are endlessly amusing.

  18. She is adorable. My parents kept turkeys when I was growing up. They are the stupidest birds, but can be sweet. The geese however were so mean. I hated them.

  19. Ed, hah! They *are* much funnier than, say, seedlings.

    Daphne, we have one gander, let’s call him Stew, whose days are numbered because he’s become a hissing fool. He was to have been Christmas dinner but maybe Easter is more like it!

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