More false spring


Sunday, and today

The warmup continues here.  The heat is off, and it was in the low 60s last night at the time supper was ready to be eaten:  I was seriously tempted to set up a  table outside.

img_0449Front to back: Maggie, Pauline and Bloody Beatrice working the Three Sisters beds

Everyone is stir-crazy.  All the chickens escaped their pen and–don’t knock the bird-brain–ran right into the garden 100′ away.  I had no idea they were out, and, rounding the corner to see the garden, I thought I’d been hit by a plague of rabbits or something.  Nope; just chickens.  Worms are easily found below the mulch on the tops of the raised beds.

You know, though, it’s lots easier to get your chores done when you can actually feel your fingers.  I got lots of outdoor work done (fence-fixing, repairing the coop door, compost-turning) and it felt really great.  Surely this warm weather won’t last, but it was nice to visit.

10 responses to “More false spring

  1. This is so funny, since we’ve had a bit of cool weather here in Florida. We had a record low of 21 the other night, which around here means that people think hell is frozen over and doom is impending, especially since no one owns a coat! We use whatever we can find to try and cover citrus trees and pineapples, but there are always some casualties.

  2. Very funny. You almost have to feel sorry for the poor snowman. 🙂

  3. It is nice to have a spring preview. We are having non-stop rain with flood warnings today, so it’s not quite as nice as yesterday’s weather was. I wish I had gotten more outside chores done while it was so beautiful. It’s hard to cram everything into quick faux spring days.

  4. We spent time doing chores as well. I also spent the evening planning my spring/summer/fall gardens. It’s much easier to do when it’s warm and feeling like planting season outside.

  5. Same here, a warm spell, gives me a chance to do some weeding…

  6. 60* at supper time! I wonder if your warm weather is headed our way!

    Chickens make a huge mess searching for bugs, but I really do like them. I like to listen to them talk to each other, talk to me, follow me around, even our roo is calming down so he is fun to be around.


  7. We had 60 here as well on Monday! We weren’t tempted to eat out but we did fire up the grill. Mmm grilled burgers.

  8. I’m surprised the eyebrows didn’t stay behind when Frosty melted.Those were some BROWS on that snowman/woman

  9. I’m loving it 🙂 I hope that it’s not just the calm/warmth before a cold snap…. so far so good looking at the forecast for the next week. Last night I was heading out to a work function and had my hat/gloves etc on as usual out of habit – and when I stepped out the door I happily felt like a fool! It was beautiful and warm, wow!

  10. Oh B. I feel for you. I hear from Tom’s grandma (87, Port Charlotte) often when it’s cold down there. I know anything below 28* is bad news for all you all.

    Christy, it was a bit of a shock that Frosty melted so quickly!

    Pamela, I know. It is nice to actually enjoy the day and not simply work all the way through it, but, well, tasks do need to be done. We got a lot of rain too. I heard thunder and it freaked me out (trainwreck? plane crash? no, natural occurrence) and yeah now it’s just wet. At least the hoses have thawed and Penny can get sprayed off before she comes into the house.

    Mrs Chiot, I know! I had to stop myself from cleaning out/up the gardens: there will be time to do that, really. It was fun wasn’t it? Lets you know how fun April will be, or May.

    Ah, Sylvie, weeding. One of my love/hate things. I love the feeling of accomplishment, I hate how long it actually takes. Sigh. Did you get a chance to sow anything outside?

    Linda, aren’t the chickens fun? Beatrice got out and knocked on our back door letting me know their feed bowl was low. But I think the hot weather is gone; we’re back to the low 30s again.

    Judy, what a fun suggestion. Having not ever really had frozen ground meat around, it’s about time I guess to thinking that yes indeed burgers are a good quick supper. Thanks. Maybe on Valentine’s day.

    John, I know, hilarious, right? She’s at the age that she exaggerates lots of things. I have long hair for example and her pictures of me make me look like Yetti Mom.

    MC, hah, I know! I did the same thing, putting the kid in her snowpants to go to school and it was 50* outside. Oh well. Those snowpants kept her tights clean when she played outside in the mud. Are you back to normal yet?

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