The morning rush


Clown car or nesting box?  You decide.

11 responses to “The morning rush

  1. Hooray for chickens! -Lee

  2. that’s hilarious, ours have been living that way and as fluffed as they can get!

  3. they’re so dadgum funny! i have 3 broody’s right now and one had the audacity to go broody in the nest box favored by the other hens! they just squeeze right in there with her and lay ’em anyway…… keeps me hopping to try and keep her from being overwhelmed by trying to set 100 eggs lol

  4. They’re keeping warm.

  5. I’ll never understand why people think peeps are stupid; I think they have it all figured out.

  6. My comment wasn’t a response to your title; it was inspired by my friends/family who make generalized statements about animal intelligence. I was thinking how your photo reflected chicken genius when dealing with winter weather. Birdbrains indeed.

  7. Lee, aren’t they kooky? There are two empty identical boxes right next to this one.

    I find them hilarious too, Alecto. Hours of entertainment.

    Ohmigosh Jayedee, that would be a lot of peeps! None of our girls save Maggie the Australorps has ever gone broody. I will be getting some banties this spring and some other birds known to be good mamas so hopefully we can raise our own too.

    CC, I think they’re just being indignant. MY box, fools. The girl on the bottom, Verloe, is our loudest bird so you should’ve heard the accompanying verbal complaint.

    Oh Pamela I know they know what’s good for them! Little hedonists. Visitors do think it’s funny that they come when I call them but I simply know they know where their bread is buttered.

  8. I think that chickens are like humans. I love to watch them, they have the same pecking orders we seem to have, there is always a boss one, there is always one of the girls who runs away from the crowd to do her own thing…they are just so much fun.


  9. They do seem to like the company. Love those fluffy feather bums sticking out.

  10. I needed this out-loud laugh. Thanks!

    Your caption smacked of Faux News…”We report. You decide.”

    Except I suspect you have absolutely no interest in association with Fixed News.

  11. I just wanted to let you know that I got the biggest laugh out of this picture. :o)

    Thank You!!

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