On frivolity


Penny demonstrates that all girls like to feel pretty, even butchy farm dogs.

img_0233But like many girls, she hates having her picture taken, no matter how pretty she feels.

Things are so heavy and gloomy lately that I thought I would share this today.  Have a great weekend, y’all.

14 responses to “On frivolity

  1. Something I came across in webland:

    “We are taught to believe from the day we are born
    That frivolous persons are objects of scorn.
    But when I am old and weak and shriveled,
    I think I’ll wish that I had frivoled.”

    Good thing Penny has no such hangups.

  2. I loooove that gleeful crazy-eye she’s giving you in the first photo. I’ve always thought that frivolity helps us bear the serious stuff better.

  3. Oh how I needed the little belly laugh these pictures provided. Let’s hear it for Frivolity! And I love the little poem from Kate in the comments as well. Thanks!!!

  4. AWESOME. I love dogs dressed up. Our chiots loves it when her cousins dress her up with boas and hats at grandmas.

  5. Try to dress up a pretty fluffy precious cat like that, mm?


  6. I love these photos. What a beautiful dog! And I like the sweater…Tell her everyone finds her just it!


  7. hey, it made me laugh out loud, really! I need to make one for our big manly dog, he is so old he gets cold easy.

  8. Did you knit that for Penny?? Pretty cool! I predict Little Edie is going to want one next…

  9. Hooray for happy wintertime pictures!

  10. Awwww! The smile on the second pic 🙂 Thanks for sharing that look into pure happiness.

  11. I think she looks like she’s plotting revenge in the first photo. I’ll never be able to look at a cattle dog again without seeing it in a pink sweater.

  12. Kate, that is wonderful! Thank you for being so thoughtful as to share it. Let’s all go out and frivol a bit, shall we???

    Sarah, she really hates having the camera pointed at her so I am quite sure she’s just peeking to see if indeed it’s still pointed in her direction. Funny dog.

    Deborah, yeah, I tend to abhor the cutesy-pie stuff but this was so outlandish I had to share.

    Mrs Chiot I don’t really think Penny enjoyed the dress-up but she was quite happy to chase her frisbee so that is probably where her glee comes from. Dogs can be such attention sponges though so I am sure the little chiot loves it. Boas especially.

    Laney, Pennys are great garden companions, aren’t they? Ours is great getting the voles nesting in the compost heap (ick).

    Oh boy Sylvie dressing up our cats doesn’t work too well, believe me my daughter has consistently tried. They look even more gloomy than dogs in their finery.

    Robin, you might have a point there for the old guy. But make sure you make yours nice and fuzzy!

    Laurene, you overestimate greatly my crafting skillz. This was a too-small sweater knit for a beautiful hound named Fran. Penny was merely the recipient of kindness.

    Lee, I tell you, it’s beginning to wear here so yeah, happy winter!

    You’re quite welcome, MC.

    Hah, Pamela, you snuck in there when I was typing. I am not so sure she’s plotting so much as getting really nervous that she’s done something wrong. The girl has cornered the market on guilt and it’s nothing we did to her, poor baby.

  13. I have one like that. Every day I have to convince him that it is not the day I kick him. He has lived with me for almost ten years. It breaks my heart that someone was so unkind to him.

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