On bird dreams

There’s a pretty hard and fast rule about farm animal ownership:  there shall be no sleeping in on the weekends.

Somehow, in my deepest dreamy slumber at 7:30 in the morning on Sunday, I could have sworn I heard a turkey.  Our hen turkey, to be precise.  She wasn’t alarmed, she was simply making her typical cooing noise.  Hmm.  I woke up and still heard it.  Considering our bedroom is on the second floor and the turkeys were supposed to be locked up for the night, I, uh, thought I was still dreaming.


Nope:  not dreaming.  She’d flown out and onto the porch roof outside the bedroom, and was asking for her breakfast.  That’s pretty good for a bird brain, don’t you think?


And here’s the birthday girl’s interpretation of our turkey.

10 responses to “On bird dreams

  1. Animals can be so demanding! Our cats demand that we get out of their bed early in the morning so they can have it back (we’re lucky they let us have it at night). Then they demand breakfast as well.

  2. And I have a dog who demands who demands his evening treats. If we fail to get up right away and provide him with his nibbies, he starts barking. We ignore it, but not forever. Whatever a dog’s problem, barking works!

  3. And she knew just where to find you, and that you would understand.


  4. of course you need more turkeys! and a GREAT way to get some is with a gift certificate to ideal poultry! “where do you get one of those?”, you might be asking. you enter the cheep cheep giveaway on my blog, that’s how! lol


  5. Your daughter’s drawing is so instinctive; none of that Disney influence. Way better than the caves at Lascaux.

  6. That’s one smart turkey! I heard our boss rooster, Johnny Cash, crowing at 2 a.m. this morning. I suspect strongly that he had a similar motivation as your turkey–breakfast!

    Robin Wedewer

  7. What were you thinking trying to sleep until 7:30 on a Sunday morning? That’s for people with boring lives (no poultry). Every once in a while my goose gets me up in the middle of the night, because she misses me.
    That’s an excellent turkey drawing–such talent must have something to do with having a January birthday.

  8. Yipes! That *is* a clever bird 🙂 Kind of scary in a way, how they seem to know just how to get what they want, isn’t it?

  9. Mrs Chiot: yes, cats are the definite rulers of the house, aren’t they? I once read that cats would rather you move out of the house than have to move somewhere else with you, and I believe it.

    Dennis it sounds like that dog has you trained quite well! Barking does work.

    Linda, yeah, poor little dear. I am not sure how they even got out, but they must’ve just figured it was time. Funny because their water and food bowls were full so Tom said they just needed some time with me. Cute birds.

    Jayedee, you do some amazing things! Everyone go head over to her blog and take a chance at winning a poultry certificate.

    CC, wasn’t that funny? She still insists she wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up but now “artist” is making it into the lineup of possibilities too.

    Huh, Robin, I thought roosters crowed just to be boss. But what do I know! This spring we’ll actually try our hands at rooster-raising (crosses fingers that they’re less loud than guineas).

    Pamela, huh. Well I do know the geese make quite a racket when they see us in the house or if we come outside. But yeah, pretty special from our now-5 year old. And she was supposed to be a February birthday!

    MC, yeah, definitely spooky! But once she heard the back door open she came (literally) flying around the side of the house. Hi! She is the sweetest creature.

  10. Tell her about Cowgirl Creamery, and maybe you’ll get more cheese.

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