On being shovel-ready

img_9746Nearly 7′ of the white stuff climbing up the sides of the greenhouse:  this crap does pile up

img_9750It makes sense to clear the sides of some of it, at least down to the 3′ level, if just to let more light in.

img_9745Hope:  while it’s +15*F. outside, here’s what it is inside.  The worst it’s gotten inside is +20* despite the deep freeze of the last week or more.

I’m one of those foolishly idealistic people who actually thinks politics is a higher calling.  Despite the fact that it’s mostly practiced by people with an inflated sense of self worth (and sycophants aplenty to encourage this view), the actual job is to be a servant to the people’s business.  I had no foreknowledge that 11/07/2000 was the start of one of the darkest eras in my life, and it is just as well that I did not.  I do feel, though, that we’ll soon wake from the nightmare that has been the last eight years.  Today is a great day to start a new dream, and it’s time to start digging.

15 responses to “On being shovel-ready

  1. And so good to know that deep inside warmth and possibility lives on.

  2. I too am hopeful, but what a mess he has been given. Out of great adversity we may see a great leader .
    As an aside it looks we have good news on the future homestead site! I have to say i am scared though-to give up a very cushy but not fulfilling situation…I will push on however just a case of butterflies! kris

  3. BTW what kind of geese do you have-pictured on your last post??

  4. At 11 a.m. this morning (my time) we will see a brand-new world. Given the way people and leaders around the world are responding, Obama will perhaps be the first World President. His importance is not so much in his policies, but the kind of person he is, and the kind of politics he will follow: a politics of hope, and optimism, and unity.

    Admittedly I have a hard time with the latter: I would have preferred someone who would stomp on the Republicans and grind them into the ground (and I grew up in a Republican household – but that was in a whole different world). But Obama is so much wiser than I and all of us political junkies.

    But I’m looking forward to the strong wind of clean, fresh air that will start blowing in when he takes the oath of office.

    P.S. What have you got against a little snow, heh, heh?

  5. Hooray for the end of an error!

  6. Yes we did 😀 I too am full of hope!

  7. Hooray, it’s time for a Bye-Bye-Wacky party. I worry that too many save-me hopes are being placed on our new president, and people will turn on him before he has a chance to accomplish any of his goals. I hope we’re smarter than that. This is so exciting that I haven’t been able to make myself go to the shop yet.

  8. Y’know, I wish I were as optimistic. Maybe it’s because my husband and I don’t have full civil rights yet, and because the O transition team has so badly bungled it so far on that issue a lot of the time. Maybe it’s because their secretary of agriculture nominee is a total Monsanto stooge and I’m already concerned about my food security as it is. I worry that we have another corporate administration on our hands — that this is just a cosmetic ‘change’.

    I am trying to be cautiously hopeful. At least this one seems more competent, and willing to make a considered decision and then take input when the decision doesn’t look as good to others as it does to him.

    I’m trying to stay realistic. There is a lot of work yet to be done.

  9. Well, I’m happy, and I eat.

    Let the digging out commence.

  10. If you believe that 11/07/2000 is the darkest day of your life, then by logic, the days that have followed, since, have not been as dark, which is an improvement. So thanks to G. Bush for bringing you 8 years of improved lighting, compared to that one dark day, 11/07/2000. God Bless our former presidents.

    PS, I may not agree with your political statements, but I still like your blog. 🙂


  11. Question: does the snow along the greenhouse help insulate the inside even more to keep it warm? Or does the cold/ice just seep through more to chill it?

  12. its really good to see that you have the cold weather under control. like most i love the winter, but damm is it cold!

    btw, your blog looks really nice and professional, full of quality and interesting articles. thanks.

  13. Maria, warmth, possibility, and in this particular instance good things to eat! Always a bonus!

    Hickchick: yep, he’s got quite a mess on his hands now; who’d want that job? But he also has an enormous chunk of goodwill from everyone, which I hope will grease the wheels for him to get things accomplished. Good luck with the property!!! And those are Toulouse geese, which are a calm, quiet, meaty bird who love to free-range. I *love* them.

    Dennis, ah, snow. I have nothing against a little of it, but we’re pushing even my limits lately. Actually I shouldn’t say that, I still like the stuff. But yeah Obama will be more of an incrementalist than the revolutionary in me would prefer to see but hey, it’s still a new day!

    Rachel, amen. So many missed opportunities.

    Brittney, isn’t it great?

    Pamela, I share your fears but I do realize he’s so much better than his predecessor in so many ways. Perhaps that’s my low expectations talking. But yeah I didn’t get much work done yesterday either 😉

    Zandt, there’s a boatload of work to be done. Yes indeed Vilsack is a complete sellout but Chu is not, and ag will need to be tied to energy more than was ever the case before. And as for your situation: baby steps. Think about this country, though: most people agree with, and had no problems with, that blowhard Warren. As a baby-step president it’ll all come out in the wash but he’s gotta appease a lot of conservatives first. (But if I were king…)

    Susan! We were doing the happy dance here too.

    CC, I have lots of shovels handy.

    Kevin, I like your logic! I bear GWB no ill will and never have. I saw his presidency as an era of missed opportunities, and of everyone cocooning and thinking for themselves, fearing their neighbors. This had little to do with his political stances and more to do with setting a tone of fear and relative helplessness. Code Orange anyone? How about Yellow? I think we all operate better and more effectively if the voice at the top sets a more positive, we-can-do-it-together note, WHATEVER her/his political affiliation. And I believe you’ll agree with me at least on this point 😉 !

    MC, both. The snow against the sides means the edges of the beds adjacent to them never truly warm up. But having no snow on the plastic means the light can get in and get soaked up by all the dark soil and plants, making it warmer, keeping it warmer. Look into the albedo effect and it’s similar, though on a minute scale.

    Why thank you Andrea. I appreciate that! I try to keep things interesting…

  14. I too am worried about this economy and where we are going. I have been disappointed in Bush and have grave reservations on the new guy… I just don’t know. I don’t know who I really want(ed) for president and what is happening now has me really concerned.



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