Tree hunting


The nine of us (three humans, three geese, two turkeys and a dog) went tree-hunting on Saturday.


We always get the most Charley Brown-ish of trees.  We don’t exactly grow the Christmas kind:  ours are white pines, which are quite pretty, but rather bough-spare.

img_8857Everyone had fun running around out in the cold.  Except the tree, perhaps!

15 responses to “Tree hunting

  1. Oh my! Amazing how close you could all get to the geese and turkeys! The last picture is so cute 🙂 I just googled the white pines and I think they are just as pretty as the “traditional” ones.

  2. Haha! those geese crack me up.

  3. I love the trailing flock! We never had traditional pine trees when I was a kid. My parents had, and still have, a red cedar that they cut, usually from the fence row. My dad would always be on the lookout during harvest for nice shaped one. The problem with cedar trees is that they are SO prickly! But they smell really good. I’m probably one of only a few people that associate the scent of cedar with the holidays instead of pine.

  4. El, your pictures are simply the best! I love the way the flock trails along with you.

    In other news, Tag! You’re it! I’m tagging you with a Bookworm Award. Details here:


  5. Love the middle picture. And those geese can be so fierce and territorial, of course! I remember an episode growing up when a neighbor’s cat ventured into the garden when the geese were out. That poor cat! The geese, followed by our dogs gave chase. Fur & feather flew! We had quite a time pulling the dogs and geese away from the tree where the cat had climbed up.

    They knew he did not belong to their menagerie. Never bothered our resident cat!


  6. Hehe. That’s quite an entourage you have there! I miss our sweet geese we had. They’d follow me around everywhere. You have me considering getting some again.

    I LOVE Charlie Brown Christmas trees 🙂 We’ve had plenty around here too. They’re the best. Enjoy!


  7. That is great that the whole crew joined along.

  8. Your task today is perfect. Your pictures transport me back in time.
    Heading out of the shade into the distant sunshine. Finding and harvesting a tree on the shortest day of the year, to light up your winter, arriving on this longest night of the year. Happy Yule, and Happy Solstice.

  9. Oh, I just loved those photos! Your life looks like something out of Mother Goose!

  10. Thank you, thank you! I really appreciated enjoying a good chuckle after digging out twice in the last three days and as a result feeling overwhelmed this morning by all I left to do.

  11. That’s just hysterical! You could be the Pied Piper!

  12. I love your Christmas parade.

  13. What a hoot!I love the pics.But none of the tree.Did the Geese help trim the lower branches.

  14. Mangochild, these guys are very friendly. In point of fact, I knew I couldn’t walk by their pen without taking them: we wouldn’t hear the end of it!

    Mark those geese ARE funny, but don’t tell them: they’re pretty sensitive.

    Judy, gosh, what a good idea: we have LOTS of cedars. But what a wonderful scent memory.

    Kate, wait, can’t I duck? Like Bush? I’ll play along in a bit…most of the books at hand are under 56 pages (kiddie lit). But thanks; the critters are pretty fun.

    Sylvie, that poor kitty! This particular breed of goose, Toulouse, are pretty mellow as far as geese go. In fact, they shouldn’t be in mixed flocks with other kinds of geese because they’d be picked on and would be really stressed out. Yeah, they are territorial, though it’s the tom turkey who chases the dog!

    Kim (welcome), yeah, I think geese are just the best. (So much so that the Christmas goose is getting a bit of a reprieve…) But yeah, our tree is pretty much a Martha Stewart nightmare, with the exception that everything on it (except the lights) is home made. Enjoy the season.

    Thank you, Kim. They’re all the happiest critters it’s kind of fun to have them tag along anywhere you go.

    WS, the hot chocolate at the end of it all was pretty yummy. I brought the birds some cracked corn (which is a big treat) and lettuce afterwards; they were happy to get back to their pen after running all over the place. Happy Winter!!

    Lurquizo, thanks! Some days it feels that way, like yesterday when I brought one of the chickens in the kitchen for a while.

    Marcie, dang, as a city person I was always so resentful about how long it would take to dig out all the sidewalks and paths. (This was pre-husband so the task fell to me.) Out in the country, well, it takes even longer but there’s no rush. But good luck ticking all the items off your list: we’re all feeling a bit rushed now aren’t we? ALL those cookies need to be eaten, I mean, made…

    Jules, what’s funny is they won’t readily follow my husband so you might be on to something…

    Pamela, hah! It was a fun outing. Chilly, though!

    John, the tree, like I said, is fairly pathetic. But yes the geese have trimmed ALL lower branches in their pen; that is quite a skill they have….

  15. Your photos gave us all a good laugh, and now the kids are begging for geese and turkeys!
    All the best for the new year,

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