On thanks for small things

img_8018I am so thankful for gorgeous waves, beautiful skies, bracing winds, singing sand and….img_8003…wet dogs in early winter.  (Penny, the hardest-working critter on the farm.)

7 responses to “On thanks for small things

  1. A splendid photo of the beach and one I never would have recognized as being on a Great Lake. I’ve lived on or near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and never seen so much sand on any of their beaches!

  2. I love the expression on her face! She looks so pleased with herself; smug, almost. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ah… our beautiful lake! Absolutely balm for my winter-ravaged soul (& it’s only the beginning!).

  4. That’s a good reminder. Sometimes things get so busy, that it’s easy to overlook the important things.
    My schedule now includes time to spend with my not-so-hard-working dogs—hugging Gabriel and playing ball with Gus–I’ll tell them they owe you.

  5. Marcie we have lots of sand, lots of dunes, being on the leeward side of the lake; the stuff blows over. Actually it is quite a beautiful place to be, that shore, at any time of year. You can walk up the beach 15 miles in either direction without hitting anything like a sea wall or a pier, it’s pretty sweet.

    Tameson, Kate: thanks!

    Beach Bum, that dog is never happier unless she has a job to do. Her job here is to fetch, so she’s so happy. Oh and she hates getting her picture taken (camera=evil).

    Laurene, yep, the lake only gets prettier in the winter I think once the ice and snow come in and all you see is white.

    Pamela, December is especially busy for many people now. Tempers flare and it’s important to just slow down and let things slide and give a little thanks, methinks.

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