On vegetative beauty


Des vertus savoy cabbage in the sun on Saturday

My world is white now:  white, and ice-covered.  I swear, though, that half the reason I am a vegetable gardener is because of the undeniable beauty of the produce itself.  I cannot help but think that humble savoy cabbage above is as beautiful as the most fussy and pristine tea rose.  Or maybe it’s just me:  I do have a vested interest in how beautiful that cabbage becomes, after all.

This lovely cabbage, incidentally, was destined for the turkeys and geese.  It never headed up completely so it stayed in the garden, unharvested, until this morning:  I pulled it, shook the snow off of it, and put it in their pen, whole, with the roots attached.  I am not sure if they liked its beauty but they did agree that some pretty things taste good too.

3 responses to “On vegetative beauty

  1. I agree with you, vegetables are pretty. I don’t think we take the time to really value thier looks as we are always thinking about food when we start working with them.


  2. Downright gorgeous. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, but I’ll take a ruffly savoy cabbage over a tea rose any day…. thanks for the photo!

  3. I agree too, vegetables are often so beautiful when they grow, its hard to pick sometimes! I’ve been impressed by kale lately – this year when I would go out to pick some in the fall, I was amazed at how pretty it looked – one of my friends who came to visit actually didn’t realize it was kale and thought it was a decorative plant!

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