Early winter in the greenhouses

img_8043The daily greenhouse temperature swing on a sunny day

I love this time of year.  We are bridging the fall/winter divide.  It’s cold out, sure; it snows, but it still melts.  The ground is not frozen despite the weekly snow dump.  It’s been cold enough that the still-unharvested garden vegetables, mainly root crops, have converted their starches to sugars.  There is nothing more sublime than a cold muddy late-November carrot, a starchy white turnip washed and sliced on a plate.

img_8048Blanching the inner leaves of escarole with a rubber band

The greenhouses are also experiencing the seasonal bridge.  The slugs, though still present, are greatly reduced in numbers.  The *$#!% cabbage worms have finally bitten it thanks to the frosty nights, yay.  All the lettuces have stopped their rapid growth and now are just limping along, the vegetables likewise are slowing down and just hanging on.  Delayed gratification for the gardener, but that’s okay!


Little Edie’s only bad habit:  greenhouse climbing.  She spends much of her time snoozing inside the old greenhouse on the sunny path.

5 responses to “Early winter in the greenhouses

  1. Cats! Funny things. And fun photo!

  2. I love that cat!

  3. I love the picture of your kitty! The greens are pretty good looking too.

  4. My cat Chippy also likes to run up the hoop house and walk around on top. I think he just likes to push my buttons, haha.

  5. CC, I must confess I did not take the pic but my intrepid friend Eileen did. I had run out of the greenhouse swearing my head off, grabbing huge handfuls of snow and even my push broom and screaming like a banshee for the damned cat to get the eff off the roof.

    Laurene, other than the banshee-screaming, that cat has the life of Riley. I should do a post just on her daily routine; pretty amusing.

    Thanks, Kate. Escarole (actually the whole danged chickory family in all its bitter glory) is one of my favorite things. Just a couple more weeks and this guy will be good and blanched and crisp.

    Alright, TLG, good to know Edith is not the only plastic-shredder out there. And yes she was simply telling us she wanted to come in, but still! Booger!

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