On winter weeds


I suppose this doesn’t look like much, but these little green things certainly made me smile when I found them in the old greenhouse this weekend.  What are they?  They are lettuce and mache seedlings, little weedlings actually…they’ve sprung up uninvited in one of the fallow beds.  (Sometimes, if company just drops by, one needs to be a polite hostess, so these little guys will get to stay.  Until they’re big enough to eat, of course.)

Another fun thing about greenhouses is that after a while the only weeds that grow in them are weeds of your own making.

img_7702More fun with weeds:  cole crop seedlings (kohlrabi, maybe?) in the garlic bed

8 responses to “On winter weeds

  1. “Sometimes, if company just drops by, one needs to be a polite hostess, so these little guys will get to stay. Until they’re big enough to eat, of course.”

    I’ll remember not to drop by… 🙂

  2. Weeds as food, or is it really food that has become a weed.

    Love your blog! May I link your blog to mine?


  3. Free food. Sweet.
    I’m encouraging my one volunteer celery plant to grow, but it can’t seem to get traction. Maybe as the season progresses.
    OTOH, I’ve got a plot, a PLOT, of free onions!

  4. Now, who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?

  5. Heh. For two years I planted borage seeds in the garden beds. Then I got tired of it (it gets floppy and has irritating hairs on the stem that produce little nettle-like stings) so I didn’t buy any more seeds.

    That hasn’t stopped the borage, though. It’s popping up in the lawn, in the perennial beds, and I probably have more of it now than when I started it intentionally!

    Still, it’s kinda cool to have your own personalized weeds. 😉

  6. Kilgor, I suppose I could’ve worded that a little more carefully. However, have you ever seen the movie Parents? It’s a howler as far as cannibalism goes!

    Linda, oh, I eat weeds too. It’s revenge! But yes, link away if you would like; I enjoy the company.

    CC, my experience is that celery from seed is kind of poky until, of course, it isn’t. I still envy you your bed of onions! How sunshiny California of you.

    Pamela, yep! It’s nice to just not have to weed, you know?

    Firefly, you must be one of those hardy glove-less gardeners out there! I always take my hat off to people like you. I adore borage, but only because I rip it out constantly (with gloved hands). The bees love it so I leave it, that, and I love the flowers in salads. I’ve got the same problem with chervil, but those ferny plants are really small and tasty so they get to stay. I am just kind of surprised these things showed up in the greenhouse; I didn’t think I let them go to seed!

  7. I love weedlings that are edible. Did you grow broccoli rabe, they seed themselves around sometimes in my garden.

  8. Hi OG. I do grow it, but I haven’t noticed it ever reseed itself. Maybe my maniacal weeding is working? (laughing hard at herself) I will take a peek to see if my rapini does go to seed; I grew 3 different varieties this year, as my husband actually loves the stuff and I hadn’t found one that balances the whole growth/stringiness/bitter thing. I think I’ve found a variety that works for me, finally…but it’s a great veg to succession-plant, I will admit!

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