On(ward) snow


Not yet but soon enough

While pouring my coffee this morning, I heard the unmistakable, inevitable rumble rumble roar scrrrrrAPE that is the snowplow.  Ugh, I thought.  Idiot Driving Season is upon us.

What is it about normally sensible drivers and the first few snowfalls of the year?  How is it they forget the immutable:  driving in snow is plain different than dry conditions, than driving in the rain?  I suppose I am glad I live in the country, where my encounter with any drivers at all is limited, but I do need to get on the freeway with some regularity.  Thus, my early-morning cringe.

Otherwise, I am quite happy that snow is forecast.  The radio’s words “lake-effect bands of a foot or more in some places” were welcome to my ears.  Yes, I enjoy snow, and even cold.  I got lots of outdoor work done yesterday specifically because it was snowing off and on through the day.  (Working in freezing rain, see, is not so nice.)  But yesterday I got all the birds’ fences moved or restrung, and the windows are now hung in the coop.  Bring it on, I thought.

8 responses to “On(ward) snow

  1. We got some decent lake effect yesterday too, but it didn’t stay. All gone today. Snow is always lovely at this time of the year….but ask me what I think of it in 4 months.

  2. That’s no greenhouse; that’s an igloo.

  3. Your header is great! Is that your place? We are still having decent weather for harvesting. And it looks like it will hold until we are done. Once done we will build fence and put the cows out on the fields to pasture. Then it is sort of time to sit by the fire and relax. (Ha)


  4. How could this be? I was just up there a month ago & it was still like summer!

  5. Here we’re dealing with a really wet fog and lots of rain. It was rather pathectic today… my brother asked me to smell his freshly-washed towel. It smelled sour so I had to tell him he couldn’t expect to keep drying towels in the fog.

    I really like hearing about your world there and recognized you for a blog award (http://growingcurious.typepad.com/growing_curious/2008/11/recognition.html) . I realize you may be too busy to accept the award, but I wanted to let you know that I love what you’re sharing here and will be delighted to keep letting folks know about you.

    And I will continue to enjoy my conversations with you.

  6. I agree Ang I really welcome the white stuff at this time of year too. Our daughter dropped right down yesterday onto the back deck and started making a snow angel. Couldn’t even walk 10 paces to the lawn!

    CC what’s really weird about that pic is it was so freaking silent inside the greenhouse too, just like an igloo, with all that snow muffling out any sounds.

    Hiya Linda. I hope the weather holds for you to get your harvest in! I know how tricky it must be balancing moisture content in your crops and hoping for no moisture coming from the sky. But yeah, winter IS supposed to be when we put our feet up, right? (And yeah the pic above is of the back of the shed/side of the greenhouses and garden from the northeast. The snow-covered board is so the barn cat can climb onto the roof and NOT use my greenhouse as a ladder.

    Yup, Laurene, hold on to your hat: things blow in pretty quickly across that lake of ours…

    Thanks so much, Cathy! Granted most awards come here and die from neglect but it’s not like I don’t appreciate the thought behind them, you know? I’m tickled you wanted to share it, though…and it IS nice to get such nice feedback. (I always wonder.)

  7. Will you have to clean heavy snow off the top of the greenhouses to keep the plastic safe? Or does the curvature help the snow slide off by itself?

    Snow is a great insulator — temps in the greenhouses must stay higher too.

    Ice is what scares me. Both of us have broken bones in falls on ice, and it is not fun to have a cast or a sling on in the winter.

  8. Hi Firefly. I clean the snow off because it blocks the light! It also kind of melts from the bottom up and I am also a bit worried about ice when it does that. (I am not worried about the strength of the frame at all, or even the strength of the plastic.) So I have a big push broom that I kind of tap the plastic with from the inside. It’s like a landslide: once a little bit of it starts sliding, the rest of it goes. So yeah, I tend to clear it off. But the pic on my header from yesterday morning? I didn’t bother as the sun was out and would do all the work for me. Bummer though about slip-sliding on ice! Casts are no fun at any time.

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